Technology has fundamentally changed the way education works. When you were at school you probably referred to the library and to the Encyclopaedia Britannica when you were completing a school project. Today, our students have access to an unlimited amount of information on the Internet to research and communicate their ideas.

Boy working with iPadTechnology makes it easier than ever for students to pursue their own interests and passions within the context of our learning program. Students are also able to make a difference in their own community by publishing their work and communicating with a global audience.

One recent example of this occurred last year when our school community wanted to do something for Alex McKinnon - the injured NRL player. When you see what our students achieved you see a clear example of 21st-century learning, which made a difference and captured the attention of the print [See Argus article] and TV media [See NBN coverage].

We believe that our students are preparing for jobs that have not yet been created. Take mining for example. When there is a high demand for the resources in our area our community prospers. Young workers are able to be paid extremely well for manual labour. However, when there is a low demand for our resources our community suffers and our young people are out of options because they have been focusing on a very specific type of process job.

Our vision is for a school that is passionate about Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths (STEM for short). If the mining companies decide to replace drivers with robotic vehicles, no problem, because we are training our students to become the engineers who develop the robots that drive the trucks.

How would you see this in our classroom? Our students have access to equipment and processes that very few other schools in this region can offer. Our classrooms are fitted with interactive whiteboards, our campus has wi-fi and students access an online learning portal for interactivity lessons.

We hope you see our vision for 21st century learning in the way that we have redesigned our campus. Please arrange a campus tour today.