aerial shot of campus

You might be aware that for many years Singleton Christian College operated from this location along with its founding church and they both worked hard to build the facilities up over time.

Unfortunately a few years back the school encountered financial hardship and was at real risk of closing down. At this time the Australian Christian College (ACC) Group became aware of the difficulties that the school was encountering and after careful analysis came to the belief that there was still an opportunity and need for a well run Christian school in this region of the Hunter Valley.

As a result, ACC took over the school and site and has spent the last few years transforming what was Singleton Christian College into an ACC school. This meant a complete change in the school including resolving the financial issues, changing the organisation structure, staffing changes, changing the name of the school, and changing the uniforms. We are also upgrading and bringing technology into each classroom.

ACC Singleton sign on campusWhat is now on the Old Campus is a completely new school owned and operated by ACC Singleton Ltd. The school board consists of businessmen and leaders who are very successful in their professional lives and passionate about education.

There is no connection to the former proprietor and there is no connection to the church that was previously associated with the school. ACC is a non-denominational organisation. Our school board, school leaders and teaching staff attend many different Christian churches.

We are very thankful for what we have achieved to date. We have good relationships with local business people and we use the services that they provide. We are currently in the process of renovating our physical campus so that our students have access to beautiful learning spaces with new student furniture and access to the best technology. We are thankful for the recent completion of the registration and accreditation process where the school received a full five-year registration from the state government.

To those of you who’ve had a past experience with the school that used to exist on this site - we would like to welcome you to our new school and show you our approach to 21st century learning driven by a focus on building confidence in literacy and numeracy and opportunities through technology.

We have an open enrolment policy and we welcome students from all backgrounds who are interested in an ACC education.