Welcome back to the College for Term 3. We have a range of enriching learning experiences and new initiatives planned.

Key activities include:

  • Korean Exchange Student visit in Week 2
  • School Camps for Years 5 to 10
  • Open Mornings for 2018 Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten and Year 7 classes
  • Our fabulous Book Week, including parade in Week 5
  • Disco on Friday 25th August
  • Father’s Day Bonfire on Friday 1st September

It has been a very exciting first week for students and staff with the arrival of our new bus and the unveiling of a new and improved Pre-Kindergarten classroom. If you would like to take a tour of the bus and the new PK room, please attend our Parent Connect Session on Friday 4th August after the College Assembly.

It was wonderful to meet with a number of parents this week to discuss the progress of their children. Our teachers are enthused by the opportunities we have to not only teach well to enhance their learning, but also to influence students’ growth of character. Our current memory verse articulates well a desire of ours. We do not want our students to shy away or retreat, rather we encourage them to grow in confidence and let their light shine. God has designed each of them to shine.

I would like to invite all parents to attend our Parent Connect sessions.

Parent Connect sessions are low key and designed to:

  • Provide insights to learning
  • Share strategies to help students
  • Give insights to the vision and future direction of the College
  • Build relationships and community
  • Encourage parent initiatives and volunteering

The Term 3 Parent Connect session will be held on Friday 4th August at 9:45am after the College Assembly (We aim for these sessions to last for 45-60 minutes only).

The focus of the session will be:

  • A tour of the new PK room
  • An outline of plans for classrooms and facilities in 2018
  • New teaching roles in 2018
  • An outline of the Term 3 calendar
  • A mini parent consultation session where I will ask you to answer 3 questions

I trust you enjoy reading this edition of the newsletter.

Tim Shields
[email protected] 

Memory Verse

You are the world’s light— a city on a hill,
glowing in the night for all to see.
Don’t hide your light!
Let it shine for all;
let your good deeds glow for all to see,
so that they will praise your heavenly Father.

Matthew 5:14-17

Introducing Elizabeth Griffiths (Beth)

Beth grew up in Tamworth and completed her schooling at Carinya Christian School. She is married to Dan and has two children Emelia and Ashton. For the rest of the year, she will be working alongside teachers and students to assist in their learning. Whilst she has only been at the College for one week, she has seamlessly connected with students and staff and is adding much value to the learning of our students.

As a qualified and still practicing midwife, Beth brings a depth of maturity, a calm presence and experience with people to her role with us.

Interesting to note, she enjoys making earrings, photography and reading. Welcome to the team Beth!

College Assemblies in Term 3

We have made a change to College Assemblies for this term.

College Assemblies in the hall on Friday at 9am - Week 2 and 8 ONLY

Primary Assemblies in the Year 5/6 Room on Friday at 9am:

  • Week 3 led by Year 3/4
  • Week 5 led by Year 5/6
  • Week 7 led by Kindergarten
  • Week 9 led by Year 1/2 

We love to have as many parents as possible in attendance.

Book Week

One of the highlights of the school year is Book Week and it’s drawing closer!

Don’t forget that this year’s theme is ‘Escape to Everywhere’ and that the Dress-Up Parade will take place from 9am on Thursday 24th August. We love to see the joy on students’ faces as they come along dressed as their favourite book character. We hope that as many parents and grandparents as possible will also join us in costume.  

In addition to our special Thursday Book Week events, we have planned some exciting activities for the children on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons. You are most welcome to join us.

Here’s a sneak preview of some of our Book Week events:

  • Monday 21st August from 2.30 pm - Video launch (starring ... our students!)
  • Tuesday 22nd August from 2.30 pm - Storytime
  • Wednesday 23rd August from 2.30 pm - pass the parcel; readers’ theatre presentation
  • Thursday 24th August from 9 am (Periods 1 and 2) - Dress-Up parade; special guest reader; Staff presentation. Our little friends from Rainbows will join us for the morning.
  • Friday 25th August - Book swap at Recess and Lunch; sausage sizzle lunch; Book Walk for Primary students after lunch. You are most welcome to join your child for lunch and accompany them on the Book Walk.

Don’t forget that our Scholastic Book Fair will run for the whole of Book Week. This has proved a huge success in past years and we are most grateful to Mrs Fredericks for the many hours she spends organising it. (For those who are super organised, the Book Fair is also a great way to make a start on Christmas shopping.)

Mrs Fredericks is also organising a wonderful Book Walk this year, which we know our children will enjoy enormously. This will involve primary students walking around the school to different locations where they will experience different parts of the story.

If you have one or two books suitable for children (PK-10) that you no longer need, please send them into your child’s class teacher. We would prefer only books that are in excellent condition. Ideally, we would love every child to be able to contribute a book and then take a different book home.

Book Week! The countdown begins! We can’t wait!

Mrs. Meredith

Holiday Reading

Speaking of books … congratulations to all our holiday readers! We really enjoy hearing your thoughts on the books you read.

We love this comment that was posted on Schoology:

At the moment I am reading the book ‘Prodigy’. It is the second book of the trilogy. I love the amazing ‘Legend’ trilogy by Marie Lu. I feel like I can connect with the characters and feel their emotions. I can always find a way to relate to their situations; and when I read the book, I like to imagine that I am June. To be honest, I have actually learnt a lot of new and interesting words from the books I have read so far. I love to say the words ‘trilogy’ and ‘prodigy’. They sound so cool. Anyway, thanks Liv for your recommendation of this book. It generally takes me forever to find a book that I can’t stop reading. But I finally found one. It is awesome!

On the Move

Staff, students and families have expressed much excitement about our new bus. It is another sign that the College is ‘on the move.’


During this term, we will be making some changes to our website. One change has already occurred that is set to make the life of a parent much easier.

Our calendar can be found on the Calendar page of our website, or you can find it in our newsletter each week, see below:

Click 'Google Calendar' to synchronise these events in your own calendar.

Communication - Notes

We value strong channels of communication between school and home. From time to time we need to send notes home to you to outline the various activities that are taking place at school. Often these notes require a response from you and these responses are needed in a timely fashion. When we need permission from you for your children to take part in activities, when we need to make arrangements for transportation and when we need to arrange food for various events a due date is included on the notes. Thank you for ensuring a prompt return of notes and payment by the due date.

Operation Christmas Child

Thank you to those who have sent in items for Operation Christmas Child. Please keep the items coming in!

This initiative of Samaritan’s Purse, a non-profit Christian organisation, has been warmly embraced by our school community in the past and we believe it is a practical expression of God’s love and compassion.

Each shoebox requires the following to be added:

  • Something to wear
  • Something to play with
  • Something for school
  • Something to love
  • Something special
  • Something for personal hygiene.

Thank you for fostering a generous spirit in your child. For further details, please contact Mrs. Tydeman ([email protected]).

Year 9 NAPLAN results and the HSC minimum standard

Earlier this year we provided information concerning Year 9 NAPLAN and the HSC minimum standard. NESA has released the following important information for parents.

HSC minimum standard required to receive the HSC from 2020

Literacy and numeracy skills are the foundation for success in life after school. This is why eligibility for the HSC is changing. From 2020, students will need to show they have the basic literacy and numeracy skills needed to complete everyday tasks.

Your child will have a number of opportunities from Year 9 to Year 12, and even

after the HSC to show they meet the HSC minimum standard

Some students will meet the requirement early through their Year 9 NAPLAN results in reading, writing and numeracy. However, most students will show they meet the standard by passing short, online reading, writing and numeracy tests in Years 10, 11 or 12.

The writing test will require students to respond to a question about a prompt or stimulus.

Year 9 NAPLAN reports available in mid-August

Your child’s Year 9 NAPLAN report will indicate which online HSC minimum standard test/s (if any) they will need to pass to be eligible for the HSC certificate. Remember your child has three more years of learning before the HSC and can take the HSC minimum standard online tests in Years 10, 11 or 12. Year 9 NAPLAN is a good chance to check they are on track or get support to meet the minimum standard by Year 12.

If your child has achieved a Band 8 or above in reading, writing or numeracy, the NAPLAN report will indicate that they have “Met the HSC minimum standard early” in the respective area/s.

Your child can sit the online HSC minimum standard tests when they are ready

There are three separate 45 minute online tests: reading, writing and numeracy. Students don’t have to pass all three tests at once and can attempt each test up to twice a year. The reading and numeracy tests each contain a maximum of 45 multiple choice questions. You can try some sample reading and numeracy questions at

For more information visit


A refreshing new Pre-Kinder learning space

On Thursday morning we had a grand opening of our new and refreshed Pre-Kinder learning space. It was so wonderful to see the delight on the faces of our 4 year olds as their new room was revealed. I think the parents liked it too.

Student Spotlight - Historical Recount by Emelia Bourke

Wednesday 24th November 1854

Weather – Cold, drizzle

Something dreadful happened liebchen. Something so unexpected. It’s so hard to describe. I was coming home from school for my dinner. As I approached the gravel pits, I heard a cry saying “THE JOES ARE COMING!” from all sides of the mine. I didn’t know what the Joes were as I strolled to my tent I heard a man’s voice, they shouted out to me “GET OUT OF HERE LITTLE GIRL!” I looked back to see lots of men on horses shouting to the miners “SHOW YOUR LICENCES!” I ran back to my tent as fast as I could. I asked my mum what is a Joe? She told me “Joes are they police honey, Why?” “Just wondering mum”.

Thursday 25th November 1854

Weather – Golden wattle everywhere (It’s the middle of Spring here in upside-down land)

Guess what Liebchen, I came across a man with a red sash. I asked him “What do the police want?” “Licenses” he said. This happens once every month or so. The traps come around and they check that every man has paid for his licence.

Friday 26th November 1854

Weather – Fine but a bit cold (Especially at dawn when the frost is on the grass)

There has been a murder Liebchen! Not far from the Eureka hotel. All of the adults are talking about it. Mama has sent me into the tent to write up my journal so that I can not hear. It was a digger called Mr Scobbie who got killed. People are saying that about an hour past midnight, he and a mate went to the Eureka hotel to try to buy a drink but the owner (Mr Bently) sent them away. A few minutes later, out in the darkness, poor Mr Scobbie was bashed on the head. That’s all I have to say to you Liebchen.

Representing the Wonnarua Nation - Olivia Hackett

Olivia was invited to play in the Nations of Origin Soccer Day representing her nation Wonnarua. She had training the 1st and 2nd week of holidays and played in the Origin last Thursday at Speers Point. Although the team didn't win they had so much fun on the day together.





Learning and Serving

Miss Moore spent her recent holiday break on a trip to Papua New Guinea where she worked hard to improve the quality of life of a struggling, rural community. It is wonderful to see God’s Word being upheld: “Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation.”


Attitude is everything!

We believe that all students’ basic capabilities can be developed and enhanced through dedication and hard work. So often it is attitude and perseverance that lead to success.  Time and time again, teachers see cases where a positive and determined attitude takes a child much further than aptitude. Students who set goals and stick to them, often outshine those who cruise along believing their natural ability will get them across the line.

Every student is capable of high achievements, and we challenge students to achieve to their very best in Term 3.

We also urge parents to join us in helping their child achieve the academic success of which they are capable. Please touch base with your child daily to make sure that all homework, reading and assessments are getting done. Please check Schoology regularly to make sure you’re aware of tasks.


If your child tells you he/she does not have homework, please do not accept this.

There is no such thing as no homework at ACC.

On the rare occasions that formal homework is not issued, it is an expectation that students read for pleasure. Our regular visits to Singleton Library ensure that every child has reading material chosen for this purpose. In addition to regular homework tasks, there are usually independent Assessment Tasks for students to work on at home.

Unfortunately, some children mislead parents when it comes to homework, often with the excuse, ‘I finished it in class.’ Please challenge your child on this and check Schoology for details.

On those occasions where there are genuine reasons for non-completion of homework, we would greatly appreciate a short note in your child’s diary. Alternatively, please feel free to contact the College.

Please be aware that even though a zero may be awarded for an Assessment Task that is not submitted by the due date, the task must still be completed as proof that Syllabus Outcomes have been achieved.

Schoology Parent Access Code

If you have not yet requested your Parent Access Code for Schoology, please feel free to ask for it. Once you have registered as a parent on the Schoology website, your unique parent access code will allow you to view your child’s Course material, including Assessment Tasks, textbook material and worksheets. Homework is posted daily.

‘N’ Determinations

Mr Shields spoke to Secondary School on Wednesday about the importance of making good decisions and how a decision we make today can have an impact into the future.  

Completing assessment tasks and homework tasks by the due date are an important part of meeting course requirements. It is expected that students will make a serious attempt to fulfil all course requirements.

Mr Shields also explained how Academic Warning Letters are issued when work is not completed or a task does not demonstrate a serious attempt. It is possible that a student may not receive a grade for a course if he or she has failed to fulfil course requirements or has failed to apply themselves with diligence and sustained effort.

The following information is taken from the NESA website.

A student who is given an ‘N’ determination in a Stage 5 mandatory course will not be eligible for a Record of School Achievement. Transcripts of Study will list the mandatory course(s) in which an ‘N’ determination has been awarded in Stage 5. The document will carry the statement 'Not Eligible for the Record of School Achievement'.

Thankfully, most of our students take their studies very seriously and will never receive an Academic Warning Letter.

Holiday Readers

Congratulations to the following students who contributed to the Schoology Reading discussions during the holiday break. Awesome young people!

Kailey (Year 8)

Seth (Year 7)

Alarna (Year 9)

Brittany (Year 9)

Jackson (Year 9)

Olivia (Year 7)

Maddison (Year 7)

Jacob (Year 7)

Lachlan (Year 7)

Ethan (Year 7)

Lexie (Year 8)

Owen (Year 7)

Important Reminders

Parents contacting student mobile phones

A reminder that mobile phones are not to be used by students during school hours. Should you need to get a message to your child, please contact Mrs. Atack in the office. Please don’t place your child in a situation where they need to be reprimanded for using their phone. Thank you for supporting this policy.  


We are proud of our high standards and believe that children will meet high expectations with consistency at school and support from home. Thank you for ensuring your child is in the correct uniform each day.  

Your Child’s Belongings

Please make sure all your child’s belongings are clearly labelled so we can return them promptly if they are misplaced. Children often tend to discard their jumpers and blazers whilst running around during break times. If clothing is not labelled, it is difficult to track down the owner.

Contact Details - Reminder

Have your contact details changed? Please ensure the office has your most up to date contact details.

Arriving on time & leaving early

If students arrive after 8.50 am (high school students) or 9.00 am (primary students) they must visit the Office prior to going to class. Teachers take the rolls promptly and tardiness is recorded.

Thank you for ensuring that your child arrives on time each day.  

Don’t forget that supervision of students begins at 8.30 am. Students who arrive prior to this time are to sit in the area adjacent to the Teacher’s Staff Room.

We ask that, where possible, all appointments are made out of school hours. We don’t want any child to miss valuable learning time.  

Sport Dates for Term 3

As a reminder for the Term, our upcoming dates for sport include the Primary Zone Athletics Carnival on Wednesday, 2nd August, and the High School Zone Athletics Carnival on Thursday 3rd August - both in Newcastle. There is a Basketball Gala Day coming up in Week 3 on Monday, 7th August. Jump Rope for Heart is also part of the calendar, which is in week 4 on Friday, 18th August.


We ask that parents ensure they contact the College if their child is going to be absent. The laws have become far more specific about attendance requirements, and it is the responsibility of parents to communicate reasons for absence to the Office. Absences and unexplained absences are recorded on end of semester report cards.

Student absences include whole days, part-days and late arrivals/early departures. The College and parents/carers are kept accountable for absences. The Principal of the College will contact you if you child’s absences are progressing towards a reportable number.

Nut & Egg Free School

As we have children at Australian Christian College who are highly allergic to nuts (anaphylactic) and eggs, we request that no nuts, products containing nuts (including spreads such as Nutella) or eggs be brought to school. Thank you for supporting us in keeping all our students safe.


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  • 27th/28th July LIfe Education visit
  • 31st July - 4th AugEducation Week - hosting Korean Exchange Program
  • 2nd August Primary Zone Athletics at Glendale
  • 3rd August Secondary Zone Athletics at Glendale
  • 9-11 August Year 5/6Camp
  • 18th August Jump Rope for Heart
  • 21-25 August Book Week (Dress-up Parade Thursday 24th)
  • 25 August Disco
  • 1 September Father’s Day Bonfire
  • 12 September Year 7 Immunizations
  • 20-22 September High School Camps