Value - Serving Others

‘Cheerfully share your home with those who need a meal or a place to stay’
1 Peter 4:9

I would like to suggest that serving others is a habit that we can all develop. I would like to unpack the verse above a little in order to highlight a couple of features of serving.

‘Cheerfully’ - Serving can be and should be done with a happy or cheerful attitude.

‘Share your home’ - this verse challenges the concept of ‘my home’. It actually suggests that my home is not all about me and what is mine. If I have been given much (which I have), then I am expected and encouraged to share. I have a responsibility to share. One of the reasons that I have been given, is for me to share.

‘Your’ - this is a powerful word in this verse because it frees you to be you. You do not have to have any particular gift, skill, personality or qualification to serve and help. You just need to have a heart that is willing to help!

‘With those who need a meal or a place to stay’ - no matter what your circle of influence looks like, you will find people in need. In fact, I suggest that all of us are in need. We do come across people in our lives who need a meal or a place to stay every now and then. However, more often the needs of people around you are - encouragement, forgiveness, hope, restoration, a listening ear and help in the basics of life.

There are a number of people who have amazed me over the past weeks for their willingness and attitude towards serving.

Thank you to the staff and parents who have served our students by going above and beyond in your service. Book Week, the Korean Exchange Program, leading and helping in our canteen, organising the Book Week Disco, preparing the Father’s Day Bonfire, leading a fun Year 5&6 Camp, helping sick kids and ensuring solid teaching and learning occurs are a number of examples of how our parents and teachers are serving. In the last holidays we had a wonderful parent cut some dead trees down for us.

There are a range of ways you can get involved in serving through the College and I welcome you to initiate how you could help.

Tim Shields

Memory Verse

Finally, brothers and sisters,
Whatever is true,
Whatever is noble,
Whatever is right,
Whatever is pure,
Whatever is lovely,
Whatever is admirable
- If anything is excellent or praiseworthy -
Think about such things.
Philippians 4:8

At Book Week We Escaped to Everywhere!

What a wonderful celebration of books and reading! There were so many memorable moments, but the costume parade with awards presented by Singleton Mayor, Councillor Sue Moore, was definitely a highlight. Thank you to our students, staff, parents and grandparents for participating in the costume parade. We can’t wait for next year!

If you haven’t yet seen our fantastic Book Week video, check it out below.

During the week, students participated in Book Quizzes and cheered the fabulous performances by Stage 4, Alarna and Brittany, Stage 3 and Stage 2. Roald Dahl’s ‘Goldilocks’, starring our teachers, was also a hit. We were delighted to welcome Mrs Robyn Lee, who shared some fascinating stories and her link to famous Australian writers. Our special guest reader, Senior Constable Sheree Gray, captivated students during story time.

Thank you! Thank you, Mrs Fredricks for organising the Scholastic Book Fair and the Book Walk. Words seem inadequate to thank you for your months of planning, preparation and taking a week’s leave to run the Book Fair. Thank you!

Thank you also to our wonderful parents who created the display for the Book Fair and those who decorated the auditorium for the disco. The children couldn’t believe their eyes!

We hope that all our children enjoy reading their book gift and continue to make reading for pleasure a daily habit. In the words of Australian Prime Minister, Mr Malcolm Turnbull to students of ACC, “Get reading, and encourage your friends and family to get on board as well.”

How to Share With Just Friends

How to share with just friends.

Posted by ACC Singleton on August 21, 2017


Book Week over for another year!

Operation Christmas Child

We are delighted again this year to support Samaritan’s Purse International by running Operation Christmas Child. We have 50 shoeboxes available for collection from the office. Each box contains information and a list of appropriate gifts, so you will have all the information you need. It should be an estimated cost of about $30 per box; $20 to fill the box and $10 for postage.

How do you volunteer to be involved?

  • Grab a box and label – a normal shoebox from home is fine too.

  • Fill each box with simple gift ideas – things that are to wear, play with, for school, to love, that are special and for hygiene

  • Organise your $10 postage as per the instruction form

  • Pray for the child

  • Drop off your shoebox back to school by the end of Term 3 - September 22nd.

If you would like, pop in a photo with a personal message.

For further information, you can go to the Samaritan's Purse website or contact Mrs Tydeman ([email protected]).

Naplan Readiness Tests

The NSW Education Standards Authority is running Readiness Tests in all schools this term to ensure that they, and we, are ready for next year’s change to online Naplan testing. We will be running ours on Tuesday September 5th and Wednesday September 6th.

The aim of this examination is:

  • to help schools become familiar with the new test format prior to next year’s NAPLAN tests
  • to help students experience the different format and types of test questions,
  • to test the online test platform’s readiness and identify the areas where the additional support needed.

Korean Visitors

Hosting our Korean visitors was the perfect way to celebrate Education Week. We are sure that our own students gained just as much from this cultural exchange as our Korean friends from Dongjak-gu in Seoul.

We extend our thanks to the families that hosted the visitors. Thank you for helping to make them feel so welcome.

Mrs Williams - 19 Years!

After 19 years, Mrs Williams probably knows every nook and cranny of our school. Hundreds of children have been blessed by this fantastic teacher. Although it’s impossible to capture her many extraordinary contributions, here are a few things you might be interested to know about Mrs Williams:

Is it true that you have been here for 19 years?

Yes, it’s true. I have taught here for 19 wonderful years.

Why are you are retiring now?

I’m looking forward to spending time with my grandchildren and fulfilling a lifelong dream of travelling more and experiencing different cultures.

What are the greatest changes you’ve seen in education?

Technology has changed so much. We’ve moved from pen and paper to iPads, computers and Smartboards.

Is there anything that has remained the same?

The playground hasn’t changed – even with the onset of technology kids still love tips, handball, soccer, make-believe games – they still love imaginative play. Some games are timeless and show that children can have fun without the latest fads.

What fond memories will you take with you?

I have so many fond memories. Every day has been filled with them. I laugh every time I recall the year my class organised a birthday party for me. A child named Nicholas handed me a gift. Inside the tissue box was a live mouse! When you teach children, laughter is a daily occurrence. For example, in Science I asked the students to tell me what a turbine is? Laughter abounded with one child’s response: “It is one of those special cloth things that men put on their head.” Nathaniel’s rendition of Gangnam Style is a memory that will always make me smile.

I also have warm memories of the fun times we’ve had on excursions and also our fantastic musicals. I love seeing the delight on the children’s faces as the whole school community celebrates their accomplishments. It is also great to see the joy and pride on parents’ faces as they watch their children shine. I’ve been blessed to attend weddings and 21st celebrations of a number of students. That’s pretty special, too.

You’ve taught a lot of children a lot of things. Have you learnt anything from the children you’ve taught?

That the world is an amazing place. I’ve learnt to view things from a child’s perspective. We need to value everyone’s perspective. They’ve also taught me that a smile and a laugh can solve many problems.

Have there been any challenges?

I think that the greatest challenge for any teacher is finding the keys to unlock the potential of each child – especially those kids who struggle. It has been wonderful to watch children reach their potential.

It must be really difficult to leave. What will you miss most?

Yes, it has been a difficult decision because the children here have been such a huge part of my life. I will definitely miss the children and my colleagues.

Do you have a dream for ACC for the future?

ACC is such a great school. My prayer is that it will continue to thrive and be seen as a lighthouse for excellent quality education and for being a caring and accepting community.

Here are just a few of the many comments shared by students, parents and staff that seem to capture all our sentiments about Mrs Williams:

  • I didn’t think she was old enough to retire.
  • I was sad when I was told she wouldn’t be here next year. I wish she would change her mind.
  • Mrs Williams is one of the best teachers I’ve ever had. We always knew she loved us.
  • Mrs Williams is so funny. Even when she got cross with us, she never held a grudge and every day was a fresh start.
  • I can’t imagine Mrs Williams not being at ACC. She’s fantastic.
  • Mrs Williams has great faith in all her students. She always encouraged us to be our best.
  • She makes us all laugh and she makes learning fun.
  • She loves God and this shines through so clearly in her teaching.
  • Firm but fair – like my mum.
  • Mrs Williams is a great story teller. I love her stories.
  • Her one-liners are the best! Hilarious!
  • A famous missionary doctor named Albert Schweitzer once said, “Enthusiasm is the mother of effort, and without it nothing great was ever achieved.” This perfectly describes Mrs Williams.

Jump Rope for Heart

Jump Rope for Heart is an exciting, non-competitive program which encourages children to become more active through skipping. Well done to all our students who participated so enthusiastically in this year’s Jump Rope for Heart.

Earn & Learn

This year we will be participating in the Woolworths Earn & Learn program. Through this program we will be able to get new educational resources for our school. If you shop at Woolworths, don’t forget to ask for your Earn & Learn stickers. You will receive one sticker for every $10 you spend.

The more points we earn, the more we can redeem from a choice of over 10,000 educational resources including Mathematics and English resources, art & crafts materials and much, much more!

If you’d like to know more visit

Zone Athletics

Within the first three weeks of the term, both High School and Primary ‘Zone Athletics’ Carnivals were held at the Hunter Sports Centre in Glendale.

This event culminates in the best track and field talents the Hunter Region Christian Schools have to offer. Well done to all of our ACC participants who attended, giving it their absolute best amongst some truly tough competition.

As we grow every year, our own students grow in greater strengths across all of the track and field events, showing the excellence that we are capable of. This is further observed at the State level, where special mentions must go to Cooper Toshak and Lachlan Wellard for making the team. We also especially acknowledge our very own Cooper Kendall for steaming into the 100m and 200m sprints at STATE LEVEL, coming 7th overall in both events. What an achievement!

Communication - Notes

We value strong channels of communication between school and home. From time to time we need to send notes home to you to outline the various activities that are taking place at school. Often these notes require a response from you and these responses are needed in a timely fashion. When we need permission from you for your children to take part in activities, when we need to make arrangements for transportation and when we need to arrange food for various events a due date is included on the notes. Thank you for ensuring a prompt return of notes and payment by the due date.


Life Education Visit

It is always at fun and education experience for our students to attend learning sessions in the Life Education Van. This year our PK class was able to attend for the first time in many years. The mission of Life Education is to educate and empower students to make good decisions about safe and healthy living. This year each class explored the following topics:

  • Pre Kinder- My body matters
  • Kinder- Friendships
  • Year 1/2 - Safety Rules
  • Year 3/4 - Cyberwise- safety using the internet
  • Year 5/6 - Think Twice - How alcohol affects your body

Year 1/2 Cooking Project

This term in Science, Year 1/2 have been learning about mixing materials. As a result students have been presenting their cooking projects over the last couple of weeks. Each student was asked to present a short talk and tasting of a food they had made at home.

Thank you to all our wonderful parents who assisted students with this home activity. These presentations have been an excellent opportunity to discuss different cooking methods and what happens when we mix materials in various ways. It was also a very yummy school project.

Thank you to all our wonderful parents who assisted students with this home activity. These presentations have been an excellent opportunity to discuss different cooking methods and what happens when we mix materials in various ways. It was also a very yummy school project.

Mrs Meredith loves being visited in high school by students who love writing! Thank you Kelsey and Elizabeth. Your work has pride of place on my wall.

Mr Shields is a masterful skipper!

Kindergarten celebrates 100 Days Smarter

On Wednesday 9th August, Kindergarten celebrated being 100 days smarter. From day 1, Kindergarten have been counting the days and marking them off on Tens Frames. Every day they counted how many days they had been at school and how many days they had to go to reach 100. This became an exciting challenge, especially when they knew a celebration was looming.

Kindergarten became experts in counting by fives and tens! The day finally arrived and we celebrated by writing 100 words on the whiteboard, counting pizza toppings on a pizza and constructing a bar graph, colouring in, eating chocolate cake and proudly wearing a badge displaying the fact that Kindergarten are 100 Days Smarter.

We are very proud of Kindergarten and what they have achieved. Well done!!

Year 5/6 Camp

Week 3 this term saw the students from the 5/6 class participate in the Katoomba-Bathurst camp. Students had multiple walks through the Blue mountains, including a trip to Scenic world. We also drove down Mount Panorama and went to the Bathurst Goldfields to learn about the Australian Gold Rush.



A number of students have already received a ‘Goldie’ in acknowledgement of ‘going above and beyond’. Teachers genuinely get a real buzz from acknowledging students who set a fantastic example for others. Students are reminded to place their Goldie in the box in the library. We’d hate to see you miss out on the draw in Week 9.

Technology Reminder

Please ensure that your child brings a fully charged device to school each day. Students must be able to access our digital textbooks and Schoology. We also complete some tasks on Google Docs which requires the use of technology. It is very important that students do not forget to bring their devices.

Touch Typing

All high school students are enjoying the challenge of learning to touch type. If you are keen to improve your keyboard skills, we recommend you check out


Thank you, Mr Vincze for teaching high school students the basics of how to change a tyre. A valuable life skill!

Gideons Visit

Each year Gideons International brings words of life, hope and joy to our Year 7 students by giving them a gift of a compact sized New Testament. On Monday August 7th, our students gratefully received their gem. Let's pray its words can become a rock and sure foundation for their entire lives.


Stage 4 students have thrived on the challenge of solving equations.


In English, Stage 4 students have been introduced to the world of William Shakespeare. We’ve also been learning about graphic novels and applying the features of graphic texts to our own ‘Macbeth’ masterpieces.

Stage 4 History

Students have been busy learning about the people who help historians understand clues about the past. Ask your child to explain the roles of numismatists, archaeologists, paleontologists, anthropologists, biologists, forensic scientists and geologists. We’ve also had fun learning about cryptology and cryptography, with some students displaying excellent code breaking skills.

Some school days are harder than others!

We were thrilled to receive a visit from Singleton Mayor, Councillor Sue Moore.

Did you know that our Korean visitors had never eaten their lunch outside before?, They always eat inside in the school cafeteria.

Pizza Send Off for Mr Perry

Our thoughtful high school students sent Mr Perry off on his Long Service Leave with a special pizza lunch. It was such a blessing to see our students take the initiative in honouring a much-loved teacher. We pray that Mr Perry has a wonderful time in Italy and we look forward to his return in Term 4.

Important Reminders

Parents contacting student mobile phones

A reminder that mobile phones are not to be used by students during school hours. Should you need to get a message to your child, please contact Mrs Atack in the office. Please don’t place your child in a situation where they need to be reprimanded for using their phone. Thank you for supporting this policy.


We are proud of our high standards and believe that children will meet high expectations with consistency at school and support from home. Thank you for ensuring your child is in the correct uniform each day.

Your Child’s Belongings

Please make sure all your child’s belongings are clearly labelled so we can return them promptly if they are misplaced. Children often tend to discard their jumpers and blazers whilst running around during break times. If clothing is not labelled, it is difficult to track down the owner.

Contact Details - Reminder

Have your contact details changed? Please ensure the office has your most up to date contact details.

Attendance - Every day counts

A day’s absence from school here and there may not seem like much, but...

If your child misses...

It equals...

Which amounts to...

And is equivalent to...

1 day each each fortnight

20 days per year

4 weeks per year

Nearly 1 ½ years of school!

1 day per week

40 days per year

8 weeks per year

Over 2 ½ years of school!

2 days per week

80 days per year

16 weeks per year

Over 5 years of school!

Arriving on time & leaving early

If students arrive after 8.50 am (high school students) or 9.00 am (primary students) they must visit the Office prior to going to class. Teachers take the rolls promptly and tardiness is recorded.

Thank you for ensuring that your child arrives on time each day.

Don’t forget that supervision of students begins at 8.30 am. Students who arrive prior to this time are to sit in the area adjacent to the Teacher’s Staff Room.

We ask that, where possible, all appointments are made out of school hours. We don’t want any child to miss valuable learning time.


We ask that parents ensure they contact the College if their child is going to be absent. The laws have become far more specific about attendance requirements, and it is the responsibility of parents to communicate reasons for absence to the Office. Absences and unexplained absences are recorded on end of semester report cards.

Student absences include whole days, part-days and late arrivals/early departures. The College and parents/carers are kept accountable for absences. The Principal of the College will contact you if you child’s absences are progressing towards a reportable number.

Nut & Egg Free School

As we have children at Australian Christian College who are highly allergic to nuts (anaphylactic) and eggs, we request that no nuts, products containing nuts (including spreads such as Nutella) or eggs be brought to school. Thank you for supporting us in keeping all our students safe.


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1st September Father’s Day Bonfire

5th-6th September Naplan Readiness Test Trials

12th September Year 7 Immunizations

20th-22nd September High School Camps

22nd September Operation Christmas Child Shoe Boxes