"Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity."
1 Timothy 4:12

It is true, all of us as parents want our children to set an example … of good things. The challenge is that they (just like us, at their age) have so much to learn. We all still have so much to learn.

How will they learn and what will they learn?

It is clear that children learn from the influential adults around them - parents, carers, teachers, youth leaders and mentors. As parents it is so important for us to ‘live out’ the qualities that we want in our children. It is also important for us to consider the qualities evident in the other adults who have influence in our children’s lives.

As a father I have been reflecting on this point recently and have found myself so grateful for the presence of a number of other adults who show an intentional interest in the lives of my children. Put simply they just love them - they ask them questions about their lives, they listen to them, they celebrate with them in their victories and they console and pray for them in their challenges. As adults, they choose to stand with my children through the years to support them and encourage them. I am so grateful to these friends because I know that my reach of influence is limited. They need other strong adults in their lives. But, do you know something, if those adults were not people of deep character - wise, not prone to anger, measured, humble, forgiving and encouraging - they would not be afforded that sort of reach into the lives of my children.

As college staff partner with you in the learning, growth and development of your children, you can be confident as to the personal character of our staff. So, whether it be through corrective strategies to help your child understand the impact of a behaviour or through celebrating your child’s achievements, college staff are invested in the development of your children.

A reminder about an important change

If you regularly pick your children up from the College in the afternoons you will be well aware that we have made some changes to the Parent Pick Up process. All Parents and Carers have already received these routines via email.

Why have we made changes?

Because we are commitment to the safety, welfare and well-being of our students.

Please ensure that you have read over the new procedures (outlined below) and ask any questions of clarification via the College Office.

Have a wonderful week.

Tim Shields
[email protected]

Afternoon Routines for Parents/Carers

Parent Pick Up (K-6)

  • The Parent Pick Up area is at the rear (or southern) end of the College Auditorium. When Junior School classes are inside the auditorium ready to be dismissed, the double doors will open (approximately 3:05pm). At this point, parents are free to enter the auditorium to collect their children.

When collecting your child:

  • Parents must verbally communicate with the teacher that they are now taking their child eg. I am here to collect …
  • Once the teacher has acknowledged the parents comment, then they will release the child into the care of the parent or approved guardian.

Parent Pick Up (PK)

  • Arrangements as outlined above, except that parents will need to pick up their child from the PK classroom.

Parent Pick Up (7-12)

  • Senior School students will be released by their teacher from their period 6 class. Year 11/12 students with a Study Period are also dismissed from their study zone at this time.
  • Senior students will then proceed to either:
  1. Bus lines
  2. The side gate at the Administration Office. If being picked up by a parent, senior students will walk along the covered walkway to the Parent Pick Up area. They will wait here (outside the building) till parents collect them.

Talking to your child’s teacher at Parent Pick Up

  • A quick conversation at the end of the day is often a good way to clarify simple and practical questions about school life. However, the key focus of the teacher at Parent Pick Up is ensuring the safe and orderly dismissal of all students from the school day.
  • Meetings with teachers can be booked directly with the teacher via email.

Collecting other people’s children

  • ACC staff will not release children into the care of an adult who has not been approved by the parent / guardian. Please update the College in writing of any changes to approved adults as need arises.  

Variations to afternoon routines

  • Planned change:
    • Let your child’s teacher know by writing a note in the Student Diary. Eg. … will catch the bus this afternoon.
  • Unplanned change during the day:
    • Let the College Office know by ringing 6572 6600. Office staff will get a message to your child’s teacher.

  • If a parent is going to be late to pick up their child:
    • Let the College Office know by ringing 6572 6600. Office staff will get a message to your child’s teacher.

Memory Verse

"Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity."
1 Timothy 4:12

This was the charge given by the apostle Paul to Timothy, a young leader serving the church in Ephesus. For all our us, regardless of our age or stage of life, Paul’s words are a great reminder to us to set an example in all that we say and do.

Entertainment Book

We’ve had many requests to introduce the Entertainment Book to raise funds for our College (and just because it has so many great deals). The Entertainment Book offers significant discounts and 2-for-1 offers for many restaurants, cafes, arts, attractions, hotels, travel and shopping.

You can choose:

  • The traditional Entertainment Book that comes with the vouchers or
  • The digital membership that puts the value of the Entertainment Book into your iPhone or Android smartphone.

Here is a link to check out what is offered:

Whichever option you choose, you'll receive hundreds of valuable offers for everything you love to do, and help our fundraising at the same time!  For more information, go to:

Coles Sport for School Vouchers

ACC is participating in the Coles Sport For Schools promotion. If you shop at Coles, please collect the vouchers and drop them off to the office. Every voucher will help us add to our tally and enable us to order some new sporting equipment. The more vouchers we receive, the more equipment we can bless our students with. Thank you very much to those who have already contributed vouchers!

Mobile Phone Policy

A reminder that mobile phones are not to be used by students during school hours. This means that children are not permitted to use their mobile phone to contact parents during school hours.

Parents, we ask that you respect our policy and do not try to contact your child on their mobile during school hours. Should you need to get a message to your child, please contact Mrs Atack in the College Office. Please don’t place your child in a situation where they receive a consequence for using their phone inappropriately. Thank you for supporting this policy.


The National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) assesses literacy and numeracy skills essential for every child to progress through school and life. Students in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9 participate in the annual NAPLAN tests in reading, writing, language conventions and numeracy. These tests will be held next term from the 15-25 May.

Disability adjustments are permitted for students with a disability to support their access to the tests. Adjustments are determined by the school together with the parent/carer and the student. An exemption may be granted for a student with a significant intellectual disability and/or coexisting conditions, or for a student who has recently arrived in Australia and has a non-English speaking background.

Withdrawals are available for parents or carers who wish to withdraw students from testing for religious beliefs or philosophical objections to the testing. Any adjustment requirements need to be communicated to school as soon as possible.

Lost Property

If your child has misplaced a uniform item, please check the lost property basket in the College office. There are many tracksuit jackets that need to find their way home.

Arriving on time and leaving early

If students arrive after 8.50 am (high school students) or 9.00 am (primary students) they must visit the Office prior to going to class. Teachers take the rolls promptly and tardiness is recorded. Thank you for ensuring that your child arrives on time each day.

Don’t forget that supervision of students begins at 8.30 am. Students who arrive prior to this time are to sit in the area adjacent to the Teachers’ Staff Room.

We ask that, where possible, all appointments are made out of school hours. We discourage parents from collecting children from class prior to 3.05 pm unless it is absolutely necessary. Not only does it disrupt your child’s learning, but it also disrupts the learning of the class. Every minute of learning matters.


We ask that parents ensure they contact the College if their child is going to be absent. The laws have become far more specific about attendance requirements, and it is the responsibility of parents to communicate reasons for absence to the Office. Absences and unexplained absences are recorded on end of semester report cards.

Student absences include whole days, part-days and late arrivals/early departures. The College and parents/carers are kept accountable for absences. The Principal of the College will contact you if your child’s absences are progressing towards a reportable number.

Literacy Tip

To be successful readers, children need to be able to comprehend text. Research has shown there are some strategies we can share with children as we read that will help them gain more understanding.

  1. Making Connections - Readers constantly make connections as they read; connections to their own lives, another book, or real world events. Bringing those connections out and discussing them can lead to more interaction and interest in a text as well as deepen comprehension.
  2. Visualising -  Readers create pictures in their minds as they read. If they aren’t able to, comprehension is lost. Encourage your child to tell you what they see as they read the text.
  3. Questioning - When readers question the text before, during, and after they read, they attend more closely to the text, clarify meaning, make predictions, and focus their attention on what’s important.  Ask your children questions as they read or as you read to them.
  4. Inferring - Inferential comprehension refers to being able to read between the lines; to understand the deeper meanings that aren’t explicitly states.  More than simple prediction, inferring happens when readers can take what they already know and what is written in the book to read between the lines.

Nut and egg free lunches

As we have children at the College who are highly allergic to nuts (anaphylactic) and eggs, we request that no nuts, products containing nuts (including spreads such as Nutella) or eggs be brought to school. Thank you for supporting us in keeping all our students safe.

Prayer support

The staff of ACC gathers regularly to pray. The Bible is filled with examples of people who prayed on behalf of others. It is a joy and a privilege to pray for others. We believe that prayer changes lives. We would be honoured to pray for you or a member of your family. If you need prayer support, please don’t hesitate to let one of our staff members know.


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Junior School

Welcome to PK, Paris!  What a beautiful, big smile! We love this photo of Paris with Nathaniel (Year 11), D’Arcy (Year 8) and Olivia (Year 7).


In Pre-Kinder we have begun our unit on “The 5 Senses”. In week 5 we tasted various foods to identify salty, sweet, and sour flavours. Last week we learnt about our sense of sight and went for a walk around the school looking at it through different coloured lenses.

Year 1.

Year 1 went on a walk around the school to see what kinds of minibeasts we could find in our school playground. We saw cicadas, bees, ants and butterflies! There were some on the ground and some way up in the trees.

We LOVE learning our sight words and practising them daily. We especially love the ping pong game.

Year 2

Year 5/6 love to come visit their PK buddies during recess and lunch.

Year 5/6 have been hard at work, writing terrific sentences.

“History! Yes!” is the current response we are getting in Year 3 /4. We are having such an exciting time not only learning about traditional Aboriginal culture, but also studying and researching the history of our very own Singleton!

Junior School Zone Swimming Carnival

By Riley McKewen

On Thursday the 22nd of February, a group of eager swimmers made their way with their supportive army of parents to the Forum at the University of Newcastle for the Zone Swimming Carnival. The Venue was very professional, it felt like we were competing at the Olympics!

We raced in Freestyle, Breaststroke, Backstroke, and Butterfly. The other schools were quite large, which was a little overwhelming, but with the great support we all raced extremely well and were proud of each other. At the end of the day we were all very excited to race in the relays as a team instead of racing individually.

Thank you to the Mums, Dads, and students for all your enthusiasm and support. It was fun!

Senior School

If ever we forget to tell you how much we value teaching your children, please don’t let us!

Now that the Senior Teaching Team has relocated to a new Staff Room, we are able to share work samples and stories of student progress more easily. The common thread over the past few weeks has been how blessed we are to teach such well-behaved students in an environment with very few interruptions to the flow of learning. As a team of experienced educators, we are very aware that this is not the case in many schools.

The truth is that we can’t take all the credit for this. Children reflect the values and attitudes of their parents and carers. We honour the relentless time, effort and prayer that parents and carers invest in their children. We genuinely appreciate being part of your child’s journey.

Have a blessed week.

Senior School Teachers

Valentine’s Day Treat

Thank you so much Year 11 and Mrs Kelly for spoiling Senior School staff and students on Valentine’s Day with delicious homemade cupcakes and chocolates. Thank you for blessing us.

Special Morning Tea

Year 10 and Year 11 students were thrilled to be treated to a special morning tea. Mr Shields began by explaining the plans for the new Senior School learning space and urged students to offer suggestions for decorating and naming the space.  

Mr Shields, thank you so much for the morning tea and for encouraging students to be actively involved in planning their learning environment.

Year 10 and 11 students

From the English Department

In Stage 4 we have been focusing on the theme ‘Tell Me A Story’ and exploring the variety of genres in which stories are told. We’ve also learnt that truth is often stranger than fiction. In one task, students read a recent news article about a dog that was reunited with its owner after ten years. They then had to imagine a short incident that might have occurred in the life of Abby the dog prior to returning home.

Emily (Year 8) is an avid reader, whose passion for literature fuels her skillfulness as a writer.

A cup of Earl Grey + Emily’s writing task = a happy afternoon.

Thanks for letting me share this work, Emily.

Mrs. Meredith

Beyond the horizon, the sun illuminated the shimmering gaze of pollution. In the far distance, the silhouette of the skyline pierced through the warm glow like a jagged mountain range. The city residents were off at a movie or chilling out in a local bar downtown, and the silence grew quieter as Abbey wandered along the lonely streets of Pennsylvania.

Abbey did this for ten years straight and every day she’d be greeted by the same old woman whose house smelled like pine honey and brown sugar combined. When she looked closely into the old woman’s eyes she could see swirls of glittering onyx black and blue at the edges, which made Abbey wag her tail in admiration.

“Here is your dinner, my little ray of sunshine!” she’d say as she placed in front of Abby a bowl of warm chicken casserole with gravy trickling along the sides.

Some days, Abbey would end up chasing stray cats along the pathways, but often returned with severe wounds and a limping leg. Abby was definitely not an ailurophile. Occasionally, the old woman would take Abby to the veterinary to buy panadols and special treatments. Luckily for Abby, her current owner had all the right instruments to mend her injuries.  

(*An ailurophile is a cat lover.)

Stage 5 Enrichment

During Week 6, our stage 5 Enrichment class experienced a workplace environment to compliment our Hospitality unit. As hard as it was, we needed to experience quality barista-ing, food plating and service first hand. So we endured, with big smiles on our faces, and happy tummies, the culinary delights offered at Singleton’s very own MunkeeSkins Café. This was to help students to appreciate how mood and tone of an eating establishment impact the experience, so they could better model their offerings for their assessment. With a special visit from the ever youthful Mr Perry and one of our mums who just happened to need a coffee at just that moment, we had a wonderful time. Our host, Zeb, at MunkeeSkins café, not only made our invasion welcome, but really exemplified the quality that was the aim of this unit of work.


Secondary Zone Swimming Carnival

On Thursday the 8th of March a small number of ACC students and parents made their way to Mingara on the Central coast for the Secondary Zone Swimming Carnival. The students raced hard, tried their best and had a lot of fun.

Fitness Testing  

All senior school students from Years 7-10 have been undertaking fitness testing as part of PE this term. They have been testing themselves across a whole range of things such as strength, endurance, balance, agility, and reaction time. It is designed for students to understand where their fitness is at, highlight areas where they can improve, and provide a baseline for them to track their fitness across their time at school.

Schoology Reminder

Have you asked your child to show you Schoology?  All homework and assessment tasks are placed on Schoology.

Parent Access Codes are available from your child’s Pastoral Care teacher. This code enables parents to view homework tasks and other resources shared with students.

Diary Reminder

The school diary is an important organisational tool for students, in addition to being a valuable way for teachers and parents to communicate. Students are aware that forgetting to get their diary signed is recorded as incomplete homework. They are also aware that it is not the responsibility of parents to remember to sign the diary. Thank you for signing your child’s diary each week and for supporting our young people in taking  greater responsibility for their learning.

Morning Routine

Senior students commence their day at 8.50 am sharp with Morning Routine. In Mrs. Meredith’s Morning Routine, students can expect to learn about the morphology and etymology of words, increase their vocabulary and improve their background knowledge.

The Latin root ‘ambulare’ (to walk) was the subject of a recent Morning Routine. Students walked the tightrope to learn about funambulism and the most famous funambulist, Charles Blondin.

Watch this space!

We are currently in the process of creating a new Primary Library and a new Senior Learning Space. We certainly have a number of talented interior designers in our midst! Be prepared for an amazing transformation!

Here’s a sneak preview of the new Primary Library.  

Senior School Happy Snaps

Never too old to play favourite childhood games!

Is this why Olivia is never late for class?

Tech with Mr Perry is always fun!


  • Term 1: 30th January to 13th April
  • Year 2 Excursion to Shark & Ray Centre: 14th March
  • Year 1 Excursion to Hunter Valley Zoo: 20th March
  • Easter Assembly & Easter Hat Parade: Thursday 29th March at 9am.
  • Good Friday (no classes): Friday 30th March
  • Easter Monday (no classes): Monday 2nd April
  • Year 3 & 4 Excursion to Glenrock: 4th April
  • Parent Teacher Interviews: Wednesday 11 April 3:30pm - 6:30pm



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