As we approach the end of Term 1, I am again so grateful for the team of highly professional staff that we have at the College. Behind the scenes, this term has certainly bought challenges as a result of growth.  As a snapshot, we have:

  • begun Year 11 courses,
  • introduced two new key staff roles (Head of Junior School and Senior School Team Leader),
  • produced and submitted documentation for our ongoing accreditation and registration for the next 5 years,
  • and introduced a completely new software package that manages all the curriculum, student well-being and administrative aspects of the school.

At our final College Assembly this term I shared a story of a journey that I have been encouraged by from the Old Testament in the Bible.

In the books of Numbers and Deuteronomy we read about how God had called his people out of slavery in Egypt. He was calling them out of slavery...and … he was calling them to the Promised Land. The Promised Land was land that was fertile, rich in produce and a place that was beautiful. It was said to be ‘flowing with milk and honey’. God was calling them to freedom. To be in charge of their own lives, families and communities instead of being beaten and living lives of slavery.

To get to the Promised Land, the people (hundreds of thousands of them) had to walk through the desert. The trip should have only taken them 11 days. Instead, 40 years later they were still camped in tents in the desert ! The Israelite people were scared to move on into the promise God made them. They surprisingly just settled for life in their tents in the desert.

Forty years into the story, God said to His people

‘You have stayed long enough at this mountain. Break camp and advance…”
Deuteronomy 1:6-7

I suspect that far too often you and I settle for less than what God has promised us. May we refuse to settle for a dusty tent in the desert - shame, embarrassment, anger, resentment, regret, fear. These things are not what God has promised you and I.

God has so much more for us. He loves us. He wants to heal us, forgive us and give us hope, security and certainty. He promises us joy as we learn to trust and follow Him.

I trust you and your family have a refreshing holiday break.

Tim Shields


Memory Verse

"Dear friends, let us love one another, for love comes from God. Everyone who loves has been born of God and knows God. Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love."
1 John 4:7-8

ANZAC MARCH - Wednesday 25th April

The annual Anzac Day March and Service is a wonderful time for our students to represent the school in our community and also honour those past and present who have served our nation.

Senior School students should meet at 10:30am (Cnr John and Hunter Streets).

Junior School students should meet at 10:30am (Bailey Park, Cnr Bourke and Campbell Streets).

This is always a wonderful event. Remember - students are to wear Summer Uniform.

Easter Assembly

Easter assembly this year was an incredible time, as we gathered together as a community to remember what Easter really means to us. Easter is a great opportunity to spend time with friends and family over an extra long weekend while enjoying some great food and maybe a bit too much chocolate. But it’s also a time where we remember Jesus’ sacrifice for us and what it really means for our lives today.

As we recounted the Easter story our assembly turned into a great celebration as we heard about the good news that because of the cross, our sinful hearts can be made clean today, not by our good deeds, but because God so loves us.

Thank you to all the parents that joined us for such a special morning. Thanks also to our wonderful staff and students who helped out in preparation and during the assembly. A special thank you to Caleb Scheinecker for the filming of the Easter video. What a fantastic morning!

Easter Hat Parade

Our inaugural Easter Hat Parade was a huge success.  What an extraordinary array of hats!  Thank you to all those who contributed to making this event such a joyous one.

Book Week Request from Mrs Meredith

Although it is quite a way off yet, we are already planning for Book Week.

I am hoping to create a digital media which features images of our Primary and Senior students reading for pleasure. Candid shots would be fantastic! (We love this candid shot of Emelia!)

I’d also love to include photos of parents reading to or with their children...or a photo of your whole family reading. Our goal is to promote the importance of reading for pleasure in the home environment.

Thank you in advance for sharing your photos. Ideally, I would love to include a photo of every student and/or family.

Please email photos to Mrs Meredith.

For those who also like to plan ahead, this year’s Book Week theme is ‘Find your treasure’.


Holiday Reading

Reading is like just about everything else in life; the more you do it, the better you get. When children stop reading for extended periods of time they can take a few steps backwards in their reading improvement. For this reason, it is important to encourage children (Primary and Senior) to keep reading during the holidays, despite the distraction of friends and relatives and holiday events.

We encourage all Primary students to keep a record of what they read during the break so that teachers can reward them with a special certificate next term.

Senior students are invited and encouraged to contribute to the holiday reading discussion on Schoology. They will also be rewarded next term.

Speaking of reading, here a link to an article that outlines recent Australian research into the importance of parents reading with children.

Safe Environment

We have a duty of care to ensure a safe environment for all students and staff.  During school hours, parents and visitors must enter through the College Office. Parents and visitors are not permitted to enter the College grounds or head to a classroom without first checking in at the Office.

Thank You!

We have finished the race to collect Coles Sports for Schools vouchers for 2018. Students happily helped us bundle up the vouchers. Thank you very much for your contributions.

Entertainment Book

We’ve had many requests to introduce the Entertainment Book to raise funds for our College (and just because it has so many great deals). The Entertainment Book offers significant discounts and 2-for-1 offers for many restaurants, cafes, arts, attractions, hotels, travel and shopping.

You can choose:

  • The traditional Entertainment Book that comes with the vouchers or
  • The digital membership that puts the value of the Entertainment Book into your iPhone or Android smartphone.

Here is a link to check out what is offered:

Whichever option you choose, you'll receive hundreds of valuable offers for everything you love to do, and help our fundraising at the same time!  For more information, go to:


In February, NESA announced that NAPLAN will no longer be linked to the minimum standard of numeracy and literacy for the HSC. This will be a relief to many students and parents; nevertheless, students are encouraged to put their best efforts into these tests.

The National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) assesses literacy and numeracy skills essential for every child to progress through school and life. Students in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9 participate in the annual NAPLAN tests in reading, writing, language conventions and numeracy. These tests will be held next term from the 15-25 May.

Disability adjustments are permitted for students with a disability to support their access to the tests. Adjustments are determined by the school together with the parent/carer and the student. An exemption may be granted for a student with a significant intellectual disability and/or coexisting conditions, or for a student who has recently arrived in Australia and has a non-English speaking background.

Withdrawals are available for parents or carers who wish to withdraw students from testing for religious beliefs or philosophical objections to the testing. Any adjustment requirements need to be communicated to school as soon as possible.

Lost Property

If your child has misplaced a uniform item, please check the lost property basket in the College office. The pile of misplaced items has grown steadily as the term has progressed.

Occasionally, children inadvertently take another child’s item.  Please check that you don’t have any articles of clothing that belong to someone else. Thank you for ensuring that your child’s property is labelled clearly.

Out of school appointments

Student attendance, along with effective teaching, has the greatest influence on student engagement and achievement. All students must be present at school so they can participate and engage in learning. Whilst we appreciate that occasions arise where appointments have to be made during school hours, please try to keep school hours sacred. Every minute of learning matters.  

Nut and egg free lunches

As we have children at the College who are highly allergic to nuts (anaphylactic) and eggs, we request that no nuts, products containing nuts (including spreads such as Nutella) or eggs be brought to school. Thank you for supporting us in keeping all our students safe.

Prayer support

The staff of ACC gathers regularly to pray. The Bible is filled with examples of people who prayed on behalf of others. It is a joy and a privilege to pray for others. We believe that prayer changes lives. We would be honoured to pray for you or a member of your family. If you need prayer support, please don’t hesitate to let one of our staff members know.

Sport Term 2

Key Dates:

School Cross Country: Thursday 10th May

Secondary Zone Football, Tamworth: 18th May

CSSA Cross Country, Sydney: 1st June


Are you following our Facebook page yet? We use the Facebook page for regular updates on things happening at ACC that are of interest to parents and carers.

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Writing Workshop

Singleton Library is running a Writing Workshop.  We have some wonderful writers who would enjoy this creative opportunity.  Here are the details:

Junior School

Junior School have settled into their learning and have been focused and engaged in their classrooms. Students have been setting personal goals for their learning and are being challenged by their teachers to think on these and work towards these goals. Setting goals can increase confidence, motivation and progress as students clearly see their improvement when they reflect on their achievements. Students are also being challenged to reframe their thinking and perspective on making mistakes. Mistakes are valuable as they help us learn. Our brains create neural pathways when we make mistakes and take time to think on these mistakes.  Instead of avoiding difficult work, our students are being encouraged to think through mistakes and achieve more than they thought they could. I have seen some fabulous work from students who are working and achieving more than they thought they could. Congratulations!

We also have had some exciting excursions over the last few weeks. Our  excursions are planned to further engage students with their community.  There was a trip for Year 1 to Hunter Valley Zoo, Year 2 went to the Shark & Ray Centre at Port Stephens and Year 3/4 visited Glenrock National Park in Newcastle.  

We have also welcomed new students during Term 1.

 Welcome Lily (Year 2) and Tristan (Year 5).  

Welcome Namon and Imogen to PK 

Mrs Kimarie Buettel

Head of Junior School.

Year 1.

On Tuesday 20th March, Year 1 went on an excursion to Hunter Valley Zoo. We saw kangaroos, lions, cheetah, meerkats and many other things. My favourite animal was the Rainbow Lorikeet, because they are rainbow. - Sienna.

Year 1 had a great time at the zoo. We got to pat a koala, lizards and a snake! (Miss Moore didn’t like it too much), We fed goats and sheep. They had so much fun, that many of the students slept on the way home!

In Maths, students have been learning about money. They were set the task to work out the worth of each of our sight words. Each letter had a price and using addition they needed to calculate how much each of the sight words were worth.

Year 3/4

“Wow! This year is going so fast!” is a comment we have regularly had in Year 3/4 in the last weeks of term. As they say, time flies when you are having fun. We sure have packed a lot of learning and excitement into in Term 1. One of the greatest achievements as a teacher is to have your students excited and enthusiastic about learning. Albert Einstein once said, ‘Education is not only the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think.’ With a group of Year 3’s and 4’s eager to keep expanding their mind, each day is a joy!

Some bunnies had a great Easter.

“Hello under there.”

Boomerangs we created in Art this term. Each one tells a story.

Our Glenrock excursion was one of the biggest highlights of the term. See the beach all the way in the background? We walked all through the rainforest down to that beach!

Year 2 Excursion to the Irrukunji

The Shark and Ray Centre

During Term 1, Year 2 were studying the Science theme ‘Under the Sea’. So Mrs Knight and I thought that it would be a great opportunity to take our class to the Shark and Ray Centre at Bob’s Farm .

What a wonderful day we had! We learnt so many things . But don't take my word for it. Read what some of our students had to say…


Swish! Splash! Some of the stingrays were trying to get out of the pool.

My favourite part was feeding the sharks and stingrays. I learned that people try to kill sharks for their fins.  

Christian Pecora


Crinch! Crunch! Went the prawns as the shark at them.

Going to the shark and Ray Centre was fantastic! The stingrays were super friendly.

It was really fun feeding the sharks and rays.

I learnt that if you pick up three pieces of rubbish you are saving the huge sea.

It was the best day of my life.

Devan Uys


 I had fun with the sharks and the stingrays.

My favourite part of the excursion was feeding the sharks and the stingrays. I learnt how to feed the sharks and stingrays and that they have a sixth sense. They can feel excitement and fear.

Ryan Bajzath


Swoosh! Splash! I went into the water. It was fun! Some stingrays are slippery and rough. Going to the Shark and Ray Centre was fantastic! I loved it! It was exciting.

I learnt that if you stay still when you see a shark it won’t eat you, but if you try to swim away you will get eaten.

Odin Southern

Year 5/6

This term, Stage 3 have been focussing on sustainability. We have read the novel “Blueback” as well as many other great texts that help us understand why we need to have a sustainable mindset. As part of this unit, students have written letters to the Prime Minister to explain why we need to preserve our resources for the next generation and what we can do as families, communities and as a nation to make this happen. Here is an example of one of our letters, written by Harrison Gersbach.

The hon. Malcolm Turnbull, MP
Prime Minister of Australia
Parliament House
Parliament Dr.
Canberra ACT 2600

Dear Prime Minister,

We need to stop people from cutting down trees, over fishing, littering and polluting because we need to be sustainable for the next generation. If we are not sustainable for the next generation then we will have poor quality air and drinking water due to pollution, countries will all be majorly under populated due to increased mortality and morbidity and health issues will occur, due to over eating from over fishing and being greedy which will cause food costs to rise that will cause lots of species of animals, including human, to be endangered.

But we can stop this, first we can start by discouraging unhealthy choices, then we can switch to electric cars because they use renewable resources, then we can recycle more and not be wasteful which will stop pollution. Some other ways we can be sustainable is by using renewable resources, not littering, rules for fishing sizes and farming practices.

We might be able to start now, so we could start small like getting rid of all plastic bags from shops slowly, and then we could go a little bit bigger like making all oceans protected. Now we should go a bit more bigger, we should start by making law breaking punishments a bit bigger that are related to sustainability such as the no littering law, then we could get more police out to make sure nobody breaks those laws, finally after all that hard, hard work everyone in the next generation will live a happy and a really, really, really good life.

Yours faithfully,

Harrison Paul Geoffrey Gersbach


This term the PKs have been exploring the playground and enjoying themselves on the equipment.

Easter Egg Hunt

Senior School

It is difficult to believe that Term 1 is at an end!  As we reflect upon the students’ growth and achievements, the thing that strikes us most is the positive way in which our students approach their learning. We also value the respectful relationships between staff and students and among our senior student body. We honour our students for contributing to a happy learning environment.

It is with sadness that we farewell Mrs Tydeman and Mrs Fletcher. Our prayers go with them as they begin a new chapter. Thank you for inspiring our students. You will be missed greatly.

We wish students and their families a restful and happy holiday.  See you in Term 2!

Senior School Teachers

P.S.  Don’t forget to read, read, read!

Schoology - Holiday Reading Reminder

Senior students are invited to share what they read during the break with their peers and teachers.  The discussion post is easy to access on Schoology in the Courses section.

Uniform for Term 2

Just a reminder that the winter uniform is to be worn when students return from the holiday break for Term 2. Thank you for checking your child’s uniform and ensuring it meets our uniform requirements. We have already observed that some students have outgrown their blazers and others have grown so significantly that the length of their uniforms will require adjustments.

It is also compulsory for all students to wear their hats/caps during recess and lunch breaks and during practical PDHPE lessons. We currently have a small supply of caps that we are allowing students to borrow; however, it is an expectation that students bring their own to school each day. Please check that your child has an appropriate school hat.

The holiday break is a good time to reassess your child’s uniform needs.

Stationery Requirements

The holiday break is also a good time to replenish your child’s stationery supplies. The most common items that need topping up include: glue, pens, pencils and white-out tape.  Some students will also require new exercise books.  We request that all exercise books are covered and labelled. Thank you for ensuring your child is equipped with everything that is needed for each lesson.


Each fortnight, students in Years 7-10 visit the Singleton Library to borrow books to read for pleasure. Not only do our students enjoy this time, but it also has a significant impact upon their overall learning outcomes.

Mrs Joan Ingram kindly gave Year 7 a guided tour of the library and personalised instruction on how to access the many wonderful digital resources offered by the library.  We are most grateful for our continued partnership with the local library.  Thank you!

Stage 4 English

Stage 4 students worked collaboratively to compose a humorous piece of writing that demonstrated their understanding of verbal puns. Lots of giggles!

We all chortled at the puns on ‘tea’ in this response:

On a tea-rific af-tea-noon the par-tea girls got tea-gether for a tea par-tea.

“Hey, are brew guys ready for a tea par-tea?” said Tina.

 “Oh, Tea-na that was really not funny,” said Tea-gan  just as the drinks came out.

“Oh yummy, I’ll have to give this frui-tea drink a chai because it’ll keep down my anxie-tea.” Suddenly a tea-cher came in. “Hello brew-tea-ful ladies..Oh, was this supposed to be formal? I’m just wearing a tea-shirt.”

Students were asked to design an original front and back cover for Morris Gleitzman’s novel, ‘Once’. We explored visual literacy techniques such as vectors, gaze and the importance of typography. Here is a sample. Thank you, Luke (Year 8) for sharing your work. We have some future graphic designers in Stage 4!  

Stage 5 Enrichment

This semester, Stage 5 has enjoyed working on their hospitality skills in the Enrichment class. The finalé was creating a café experience for their peers. And what a culinary delight it was! Here are some glimpses into the joy of serving others, and the delight of being served.

Friday Morning Bootcamp

It is always such a pleasure to see our students workout so hard!


We are always thrilled to issue ‘Goldies’ to acknowledge students who go above and beyond.  Congratulations to all those students who set a fantastic example for others this term and were rewarded with a ‘Goldie’ (or two or three...or more!).

Mrs Tydeman dug deep into the Goldie box...

Olivia received this award for leadership, particularly her assistance in the uniform shop. Olivia gives freely of her own time to assist others. In addition to her nomination by a staff member, many parents have also commented on Olivia’s servant heart, great attitude and humility. Congratulations, Olivia!  We hope you enjoy your vouchers.

Senior School Happy Snaps

Year 11

Year 11, your teachers honour you for your application to your Preliminary HSC studies this term. Well done!


Term 1: Monday 30th January to 13th April

Cross Country: Thursday 10th May

Mother's Day Swap and Picnic Pamper Afternoon: Friday 11th May

Choose Maths family night: Wednesday 9th May

NAPLAN: Tuesday 15th-Wednesday 17th May

Secondary Zone Football (Tamworth): 18th May

Careers Expo (Maitland Basketball Stadium): Friday 18th May

National Simultaneous Storytime (NSS): Wednesday 23rd May

CSSA Cross Country (Sydney): 1st June

Preliminary Exam Period: Week 5

Senior Exam Period (7-10): Week 6

Athletics Carnival: Friday 15th June


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