The core purpose of the Bible is to reveal the magnificent nature of God and to invite each of us to understand His love for us. Through the Bible, He invites us to participate in the big plan to restore all things to Him. God wants a personal and real relationship with each one of us.

Central to His plan is that we find ourselves in community. My favourite photo found in this newsletter is below. It is my favourite as it shows togetherness and fun. Students of varying ages join together to enjoy the simple fun of dancing to the YMCA.

At College we greatly value the opportunities that events like the College Disco provide to be involved in, to contribute to and enjoy community.

In Genesis 2:18 God said that it wasn’t good for man to be alone and he decided to give Adam some company - so He created Eve. The point of this is that we are meant to be together in relationships and in community. There are three main benefits of community:

  1. Community is fun
  2. Community is encouraging
  3. Community can foster love - it can give life, hope, forgiveness and a fresh-start

Core to our College vision is teach our children about the nature of God. As a relational God, remaining in and investing in our community is a great way to experience the fullness of life that He desires for each of us.

At the end of Term 2, I want to thank you for your commitment to building and enjoying community through our College.

Have a restful break.

Tim Shields


Memory Verse

May the God of hope fill you all with joy and peace as you trust in Him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.
Romans 15:13


Psalm 127:3 tells us that ‘children are a gift from the LORD; they are a reward from him.’

Congratulations to the Fredericks family on the birth of precious baby Benjamin. Congratulations also to the Thomas-Salanoa family also on the birth of Larma Ma'a Resati Salanoa. We are all thrilled for both families. Baby Benjamin and Larma are so blessed to have so many wonderful siblings to help them on their journey.


How blessed we were to have a perfect day for our annual Athletics Carnival. There was such a great spirit and and an atmosphere of friendly competition. A big thank you to the staff, students and parent helpers on the day. A special thank you to Mr Metz for organising such a great event.

For more photos check out this video from Facebook, click here

Zone Soccer: Tamworth

Earlier this term, we had a number of Senior School students wake up early and travel to Tamworth to compete in the Christian Schools Soccer Gala Day. The day was a great opportunity for students to showcase their talents and they represented our school with pride. Well done to all those involved.

Book Week

Thank you very much to those parents whoemailed me photos of their children (and themselves) reading for pleasure.

The whole school had fun filming part of our Book Week video last Friday. We have some great dancers! Stay tuned!

Don’t forget that our dress up parade for Book Week will take place on Thursday 23rd August at 9am. This year’s theme is ‘Find Your Treasure’.

We look forward to seeing the wonderful costumes of our students, parents and carers, grandparents and staff. (I’ve had a sneak preview of Mr Shields’ costume and it’s pretty cool!)

Mrs. Meredith

Holiday Reading - Very Important!

One of the best things about having a break from the daily routine of school, is having a bit more free time to read for pleasure. We encourage all students to keep reading over the holiday period and urge parents of our younger students to find as many opportunities as possible to read to your children.

Senior school students are invited to share what they read on our Holiday Reading Discussion Post on Schoology or to email

Junior school students are invited to keep a log of the books they read to share with their class teacher next term.

All holiday readers will be acknowledged with a special certificate.

Happy reading!

MADD Night

The College’s second MADD Night is coming!! Already students all over the College from both Senior and Junior school are busy planning and practicing their items to present. Auditions are taking place at the moment and students are showing just how talented they are. It is sure to be a night of family fun and entertainment. Don’t forget to put Thursday 20th September 6pm-7:30pm on your calendar to see your children shine!

LABrary Launch

Stage 3 and 4 students had a fantastic time at Singleton Library’s LABrary launch. In 7 different zones they experienced exciting new technology including 3D printers, laser cutter and engraver, robots, Lego drones and Oculus VR.

We are grateful to the staff at Singleton Library staff for including us in this worthwhile educational event. What a wonderful experience for our students! (The teachers had lots of fun, too!)

Seth and Jaiden had a nice chat to Mr Michael Johnsen the member for Upper Hunter.

Mr Perry - a huge ‘Star Wars’ fan - used the 3D printer to create Yoda.


What a great night it was. Some of us revisited the 70’s and 80’s with afros and mullet hair

styles. Thank you to everyone who helped plan and run the night. A huge thank you to everyone who participated and joined in on the games and getting dressed up. (A little spy told me that even Mr Shields was dancing). It was so great seeing people of all ages, up there enjoying themselves and playing their part in making the night run smoothly.

Entertainment Book

We’ve had many requests to introduce the Entertainment Book to raise funds for our College (and just because it has so many great deals). The Entertainment Book offers significant discounts and 2-for-1 offers for many restaurants, cafes, arts, attractions, hotels, travel and shopping.

You can choose:

  • The traditional Entertainment Book that comes with the vouchers or
  • The digital membership that puts the value of the Entertainment Book into your iPhone or Android smartphone.

Here is a link to check out what is offered:

Whichever option you choose, you'll receive hundreds of valuable offers for everything you love to do, and help our fundraising at the same time!For more information, go to:

Nut and egg free lunches

As we have children at the College who are highly allergic to nuts (anaphylactic) and eggs, we request that no nuts, products containing nuts (including spreads such as Nutella) or eggs be brought to school. Thank you for supporting us in keeping all our students safe.

Prayer support

The staff of ACC gathers regularly to pray. The Bible is filled with examples of people who prayed on behalf of others. It is a joy and a privilege to pray for others. We believe that prayer changes lives. If you need prayer support, please don’t hesitate to let one of our staff members know.


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Junior School

Junior School has been a hive of activity with so many exciting learning opportunities happening everyday.Our Star Students have been celebrated and had their photos taken for the ‘Star Students’ noticeboard which is located in my office.Our Star Students are Nicolas Fredericks, who was waiting for the bus and enjoying reading his book ‘Errol’. Also Molly Stokes and Cooper Howard, who have been unscrambling sentences.Excellent Effort Everyone! Have a fantastic holiday and see you next term.

Mrs Buettel


Students have enjoyed the theme “Things That Move” this Term. Transport was part of this unit and in Week 7 students participated in “Race Day”. Cars were brought to school and tested on the track for speed. In the end, Nammon Sukantra’s car was the fastest down the track.

Another highlight this term was the Athletics Carnival at Alroy Oval. Students participated in the 50m running race, an obstacle course, an egg and spoon race, bean bag toss, a three-legged race and parachute activities.


Patterns, Patterns, Everywhere!!

This term in Mathematics, Kindergarten students have been learning about Repeated Patterns and where they are found on the environment. They were able to identify different patterns and name them. Using different materials such as connecting cubes or colourful bears, they made some great patterns. Eating gummy bears helped Kindergarten students complete the patterns!!!

Year 1

This term in Science, Year One have been learning about Water and how this important for us and the community in which we live. We walked around the school and identified areas in the school of where water is used and how it is used. We learned about different bodies of water and how they help the environment. In Geography, we learnt about Natural and the difference between managed and constructed environments. In Mathematics, we have spent a lot of time learning different ways of counting and different strategies to the answer the quickest way. One of our favourite activities to do is play topical games based on the concepts we have been learning. Here are some photos of us, playing games to help us become better at doubling and halving.

Year 2

The Year 2 students have been building marble runs in Science. Children had to construct a path for the marble to travel along where the pull of gravity could be seen. They also had to consider how they could reduce the friction for the ball as it moved in a downward direction.

In the last couple of weeks, the students have been using a range of techniques to form their artwork " Birch Trees". Children enjoyed using pieces of cardboard to paint the trucks of the trees and fingers and pencils to paint the leaves in layers of colour.

We are looking forward to going on our History excursion this week. Year 2 will be travelling around Singleton to discover the history of our community. We will be going to the historical convent, the Singleton museum in Burdekin Park and have a walk down the main street to look at some of the historical buildings.

Year 3/4

“Ping” went the bow and arrow suddenly everyone ran, Emmi ran into the bedroom so I followed and the door slammed behind us. The room filled with smoke we realised it was a fire. The flames were boiling hot. By Emelia Griffiths

Bang! I heard a bomb it sounded like it’s right outside. It was scary because I was inside a cabin at night. By Cooper Bailey

Bang! In a dark cave there were scary monsters that were looking for food. By Teana Forster.

How great are these sizzling starts? We love starting our narratives with onomatopoeia. We have had a blast this term exploring History and English through multimedia and digital technologies.

Have you seen the short Pixar film For the Birds? If not, check it out! It is quite hilarious. We really enjoyed studying it in English. Not to mention the amount of fun we had creating stop motion animations and our own soundtracks to the picture book Tuesday by David Wiesner.

It was great to finish off the term with a sneak play on the equipment all to ourselves. The learning in Year 3/4 this term has been phenomenal.

Year 5/6

Year 5/6 has had the privilege this week of visiting the Year 9/10 class to read our class narratives with them. The theme of our stories was crime/mystery and involved creative characters, perfect plots, vivid verbs and scenic settings. Year 5/6 are grateful for the time and reflection given by Year 9/10 and we look forward to visiting again!

Senior School

Term Two has flown by! Senior School students have achieved so many things, both in their learning and in extra-curricular activities. The end of semester reports certainly reflect the growth of students. As the term concludes we wish to thank our Senior School students for their diligence, enthusiasm...and for always being a joy to teach.

We hope parents and children enjoy the break, and we look forward to seeing you all next term.

Senior School Staff.


Senior School had an enjoyable trip to the Riverside Theatre in Sydney to view a performance of William Shakespeare’s ‘Macbeth’. For some, it was not only their first experience of a Shakespearean play, but also their first time in a theatre. Cultural awareness plays an integral role in a student’s education. We strive to provide students with meaningful opportunities to be culturally enriched. Discussion after the performance and in class, showed that students gained a deeper understanding of the craft of the theatre and the work of the playwright, director, actors, designers and critics.

Students are commended on their exemplary behaviour and the pride with which they wore their uniform.

Students, thank you for representing ACC so beautifully.

‘Goldie’ Award Winner

Congratulations to Charlie (Year 10) on being the ‘Goldie’ award winner for Term 2. Charlie is always an excellent role model and thoroughly deserves his prize!


This term, the Stage 5 Advanced Mathematics class have been studying ‘Deductive Geometry’. Students have been challenged as they have developed mathematical reasoning skills to prove properties of shapes and figures, some of which seem impossible at the start! Recently they have researched the history of Geometry and have given a short presentation on a Greek mathematician, Euclid, who is known as ‘the father of Geometry’. Euclid wrote a collection of books known as Euclid’s Elements in around 300 BC. These books contain statements and proofs of geometrical properties that we still use today, often without realising. It is estimated that Euclid’s Elements is the one of the most read books in history, second only to the Bible! Next time you find yourself using numbers or shapes or any sort of Mathematics, why not find out who invented it - it really can be fascinating!

Miss Turrell

Empowering Conference

The "Youth Empowering Conference 2018" was an inspiring day that many senior students are still talking about. Our students joined students from across the Hunter, Lake Macquarie and Central Coast. They were challenged to make their faith the light that makes a difference in the world. The music and worship was a particular highlight for students. Thank you Mr Hughes for organising this event.


The holiday break is the perfect time to check and update uniform items. For example, a number of children do not have a hat and many do not have a blazer. We’ve also noticed that some blazers and jumpers need laundering. As many of our students have grown taller, their uniforms are now too short. Thank you for ensuring that your child is correctly attired.

Sport Uniform - Reminder

Just a reminder that students are to wear their sport uniform on the following days:

Stage 4: Wednesday and Friday

Stage 5: Tuesday and Friday

Stage 6: Friday

Happy Snaps

Photo Day preparation!

Farewell prayer for Josie who has headed back to Papua New Guinea.

We love this photo of Laura reading aloud to her friends.

Despite being a frosty morning, these smiles radiated warmth.


K-11 students return for Term 3 - Monday 30th July

Pre-Kindergarten students return for Term 3 - Thursday 2nd August

College Assembly - Friday 3rd August

Primary Zone Athletics - Tuesday 7th August

Secondary Zone Athletics - Thursday 9th August

Junior School Assembly - Friday 10th August

Book Fair - Week 4

Singleton Primary Schools Netball gala day - Friday 17th August

Book Week Dress Up Parade - Thursday 23rd August from 9am

Junior School Assembly & Grandparents Morning - Friday 24th August

College Assembly - Friday 31st August

Father’s Day Bonfire - Friday August 31st

Parent Teacher Interviews - Wednesday 5th September

Jump Rope for Heart Jump Off Day - Thursday 6th September

Junior School Assembly - Friday 7th September

Primary Zone Basketball Gala day - Thursday 20th September

MADD Night - Thursday 20th September 6pm-7:30pm

Junior School Assembly - Friday 21st September

Senior School Camp - Wednesday 26th September - Friday 28th September


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