The more you turn up...the luckier you get

Many of you will be aware of Steven Bradbury, a former Australian short track speed skater. A four-time olympian, Steven won the gold medal at the 2002 Winter Olympics after all his opponents crashed out of the race.

During the 1 minute 30 second race, Steven trailed the other competitors in last place. If they others did not crash, he would not have won gold. We might be justified in saying that Steven got lucky. However, another way of looking at it is to suggest that he had been working hard for years, persisting, working, persisting and working.

You see, Steven turned up. He turned up, not just on that day but on a lot of days over a lot of years. Steven knew that doing the best he could involved turning up very regularly.

I would like to encourage everyone in our learning community to turn up. As parents and carers it is important to turn up to events that show support to your child and your child’s school when you are able to. If we want good things, it is important for all of us to turn up in relationships and work.

Ways you can turn up:

  • Be at school every day, unless unwell
  • Be on time to school, every day
  • Get your homework and reading done, so you have a well-formed understanding and educated opinions
  • Get to know one new thing about another parent at each school event by asking questions
  • Ask Mr Metz what you can do to help a couple of weeks before the next carnival
  • Attend Parent / Teacher events, Assemblies, and other school events

At ACC, we value the opportunity to turn up and do good whenever we have the opportunity. What a wonderful privilege it is to work with parents and carers to create a culture of turning up to work hard and do good. Turning up will do you will also be good for others.

Galatians 6:9-10

So let’s not get tired of doing what is good. At just the right time we will reap a harvest of blessing if we don’t give up. Therefore, whenever we have the opportunity, we should do good to everyone—especially to those in the family of faith.

In closing, I would like to draw your attention to the calendar of events at the end of this newsletter. There is a lot on this term, so keep your eye on the calendar and engage as much as you are able in these opportunities to celebrate school life with your child.

Tim Shields


Attendance - Every day counts

Please ensure your child doesn’t have unnecessary time out of the classroom.

A day’s absence from school here and there may not seem like much, but...

If your child misses...

It equals...

Which amounts to...

And is equivalent to...

1 day each each fortnight

20 days per year

4 weeks per year

Nearly 1 ½ years of school!

1 day per week

40 days per year

8 weeks per year

Over 2 ½ years of school!

2 days per week

80 days per year

16 weeks per year

Over 5 years of school!

Arriving on time & leaving early

If students arrive after 8.50 am (Senior School) or 9.00 am (Junior School) they must visit the Office prior to going to class. Teachers take the rolls promptly and tardiness is recorded.

Thank you for ensuring that your child arrives on time each day.

Don’t forget that supervision of students begins at 8.30 am. Students who arrive prior to this time are to sit in the area adjacent to the Canteen.

We ask that, where possible, all appointments are made out of school hours. We don’t want any child to miss valuable learning time.

Staff Professional Learning Week

Teachers spent a busy week engaged in professional development. We relish being able to improve our professional knowledge, competence and effectiveness.

Our professional development focussed on three areas:

  1. a mid-year conference with 9 other Christian schools from the Hunter and surrounding areas,
  2. updating our first aid skills, and
  3. learning more about our talents and strengths with through the Clifton Strengths program.

Beautiful Babies!

What a blessing for the families and for our school community.We are cheering for joy!

Welcome beautiful baby Benjamin Fredericks!

Welcome beautiful Larma Ma'a Resati Salanoa!

Welcome beautiful baby Oliver Pecora!

We also congratulate Rihanna Mills Stuart (Year 2) on the arrival of her baby sister.

Welcome Joel, Constance, Janki and Sophia.

We are delighted to welcome Joel and Constance to Year 8 and Sophia and Janki to PK! We pray that your journey with us brings you great happiness and many wonderful learning experiences.

Book Week

We are busily preparing for Book Week (Week 4).Have you planned your dress up costume yet?Don’t forget that this year’s theme is ‘Find Your Treasure’. Can you guess who these scurvy knaves are?


The Scholastic Book Fair is just around the corner.Mrs Fredericks has been planning this year’s Book Fair for many months. There will be many great books and other fun bits and pieces available to purchase. (I must admit, I use the Book Fair to get a head start on my Christmas shopping!) Students, staff and parents will be able to purchase treasures before and after school during Book Week (Week 4).

Thank you so much Mrs Fredericks for organising this wonderful annual event. We appreciate you enormously!

Mrs. Meredith

P.S. We love this photo of Savea reading to Lamar.

MADD Night

Students are busy practicing daily for the College’s secondMADD Night - Thursday 20th September 6pm-7:30pm will be a night to remember. Come and enjoy, sit back and watch, as your amazing children perform like you have never seen them perform before.

Contact Details - Reminder

Have your contact details changed recently? Please ensure the office has your most up to date contact details.

Jump Rope for Heart

Jump Rope for Heart kicks off this term!

Jump Rope for Heart is a fantastic physical activity and fundraising program that has been run by the Heart Foundation for 35 years. It’s a great way for your child to keep fit and learn new skills, but it also helps raise funds for vital heart research and education programs.

Since Jump Rope for Heart started in 1983, schools like ours have raised more than $75 million for the Heart Foundation’s lifesaving work.

It’s important you register your child online, so they can receive the full benefits of the program and participate in online fundraising, simply follow the link below to get started.

Students will be skipping throughout the term during PE, recess and lunch breaks, and during this time you can share their online fundraising page with family and friends to help raise money for this great cause.

We will hold our school Jump Off Day on Thursday the 6th of September. This will mark the end of the program and is a chance for everyone to come together to skip and show off their newly learned skills.

Thank you for supporting the Jump Rope for Heart program!


We ask that parents ensure they contact the College if their child is going to be absent. The laws have become far more specific about attendance requirements, and it is the responsibility of parents to communicate reasons for absence to the Office. Absences and unexplained absences are recorded on end of semester report cards.

Student absences include whole days, part-days and late arrivals/early departures. The College and parents/carers are kept accountable for absences. The Principal of the College will contact you if your child’s absences are progressing towards a reportable number.

Entertainment Book

We’ve had many requests to introduce the Entertainment Book to raise funds for our College (and just because it has so many great deals). The Entertainment Book offers significant discounts and 2-for-1 offers for many restaurants, cafes, arts, attractions, hotels, travel and shopping.

You can choose:

  • The traditional Entertainment Book that comes with the vouchers or
  • The digital membership that puts the value of the Entertainment Book into your iPhone or Android smartphone.

Here is a link to check out what is offered:

Whichever option you choose, you'll receive hundreds of valuable offers for everything you love to do, and help our fundraising at the same time!For more information, go to:

Nut and egg free lunches

As we have children at the College who are highly allergic to nuts (anaphylactic) and eggs, we request that no nuts, products containing nuts (including spreads such as Nutella) or eggs be brought to school. Thank you for supporting us in keeping all our students safe.

Prayer support

The staff of ACC gathers regularly to pray. The Bible is filled with examples of people who prayed on behalf of others. It is a joy and a privilege to pray for others. We believe that prayer changes lives. If you need prayer support, please don’t hesitate to let one of our staff members know.


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Junior School

This week we had 30 Junior School students attend the zone athletics carnival at the Hunter Sports Centre in Glendale. This is virtually one third of our Junior School. That’s an amazing attendance!!!It was very exciting to see them run, jump, throw and give their absolute best. Mr Metz and I were so proud of the fantastic sportsmanship they showed and their excitement to participate and cheer their friends on. Congratulations Everyone!

Next Friday is another exciting day of sports for Junior School as we have 3 Junior School netball teams competing in the Singleton Primary Schools Netball Gala Day.These teams are two mixed and one girls’ team. Our teams are coached by some of our senior school students who have them training every lunchtime.It’s wonderful to see their enthusiasm and commitment. Did you know the Australian Open Men’s Netball team are called the ‘Sonix’?You never know, we might have some young aspiring Diamonds or Sonix in our midst!


Mrs Kimarie Buettel

Head of Junior School


The Pre-Kinder children have returned from the holidays full of excitement and enthusiasm. This term our themes are “On the Farm”, and Is it Hot or Cold?” The class will be participating in a range of educational activities around these themes that will promote learning and enjoyment as they experience life at school.

Students are enjoying their time with Mr Metz each week where they are learning new skills and using up their energy.

Towards the end of last Term, students began learning two dances for this term. The first dance will be presented at Grandparents’ Day and the second is for MADD night. All children are putting their best foot forward.


Henny Penny Hatching

This term we will be having an incursion with ‘Henny Penny Hatching’ coming to Kindergarten in Week 3. This is a wonderful educational experience for not only Kindergarten but for the entire school community. This incursion allows the students the exciting opportunity to see first hand chickens hatching out of their shell. Henny Penny Hatching, will be bringing 3 chicks and 12 fertile eggs which will hatch over the first week. All eggs are fumigated before they are set at the hatchery, so there are no health concerns. We will once auction the chickens at assembly to make sure our precious chickens find a wonderful home.

This incursion forms part of our Science and Literacy Unit this term as Kindergarten students are looking at how our food gets from the paddock to our plates. We have also been reading ‘Banjo and Ruby Red’ by Libby Gleeson.

This book focuses on the importance of friendship and how friendships can take many different forms. Kindergarten have looked at ‘unlikely’ friendships between animals.

We thought these friendships were pretty special. I’m sure you’ll agree!

Remember to place Monday, 13th August 2018 on your calendar.

Year 1

Year 1, have had a great start to Term 3! We LOVE reading, but especially love our new Reading Corner and tent. We also, have a new book in Year 1 and we have become really good at sharing it! We have been busy learning about all the ways in which we can represent the sound “a”. We loved meeting Healthy Harold, the coolest thing was that he even wrote us a LETTER!! We are always so excited about learning.

Year 3/4

Oxford Children’s Word of the Year Writing Competition

A miniature guitar, a polaroid camera, a present, a single sock and a bag of coins! This is how we started the beginning of the term. Mrs Williams bought in a selection of random objects from her home. We then brainstormed what stories we could create from these objects, which was so much fun! We all came up with sizzling starts, similes, character descriptions and plot lines. We then had to write a story based on ONE WORD! Once we had chosen our word, we had our ideas we wrote our narratives. They have now been submitted to the Oxford Children’s Word of the Year Writing Competition. Check out our words below! Can you guess which word your child used?

Read, Read, Read

Lost in the world of the demon dentist, stuck at camp where you cannot swim, giant gorillas … whatever the storyline we LOVE reading in Year 3/4. Each term in addition to our novel study in class, we enjoy sharing a novel together when we come in from break times. This term, Mrs Buettel even created an extra special reading corner for us in our classroom. We have also started a class display of all the novels we have read. Next time you are around school be sure to drop in and see what we have been reading.

Year 5/6

A positively passionate performance!

The Stage 3 class performed at assembly on Friday to the cheers of family, friends and teachers. Performing a segment of the script “Hating Alison Ashley” - the students used expression, comedy and body language to wow their audience. One audience goer - Mrs Little - stated that it was “The best performance she had seen all term”. Great job Year 5/6!

Senior School

Welcome to Term 3!There is nothing quite like the happy buzz of students and teachers catching up after the break...and then getting straight into work. One of the things we love about Term 3 is how quickly we get back into our stride. Students know the daily school routine well, connect so positively with their friends, and strive to meet the high expectations of their teachers.

We extend an especially warm welcome to Constance (Year 8) and Joel (Year 8).Even after such a short time, it seems as though they have both always been part of our community.

We have a very busy calendar this term, full of fun learning activities and with many opportunities for the students to shine!

Senior School Staff


A number of students have already received a ‘Goldie’ in acknowledgement of ‘going above and beyond’. What a great start to the new term!

Teachers genuinely get a thrill from acknowledging students who set a fantastic example for others. Students are reminded to place their Goldies in the box in the library. We’d hate to see you miss out on the draw at the end of term.

So Proud!

We are soproud of you, Emily.Well done at Tamworth in the Barrel racing.

Year 11 Parent Breakfast Meeting

It’s hard to believe that the Year 11 Preliminary Course is almost at an end and Year 12 is just around the corner. Thank you to parents and carers of Year 11 students who attended our special breakfast meeting.

One of the things we discussed is the importance of students being stretched and challenged. Without challenges, students remain within their comfort zone and there is little real progress. We also discussed the benefits of parents encouraging their children to have a growth mindset. Did you know that the human brain is 5 times more likely to be in a problem/negative state? As long as a person stays in this negative state, they will be unable to move forward and achieve their goals. Parents play such an important role in promoting a solutions focus.This simple diagram shows how we can help to encourage a growth mindset in our children.

We truly do value a strong partnership between students, parents and teachers. When we work together, amazing things happen for your children.

Technology Reminder

Please ensure that your child brings a fully charged device to school each day. Students must be able to access our digital textbooks and Schoology. We also complete some tasks on Google Docs which requires the use of technology. It is very important that students do not forget to bring their devices. As the school grows, teachers cannot ensure that school Macs are available on demand.

IP Reviews

Senior School Pastoral Care teachers will be contacting parents over the next few weeks to review IPs (Individual Plans). We are keen to ensure that our records are up to date so that students thrive in their learning.

Homework Guidelines

Students are frequently reminded of ACC’s Senior School Homework Guidelines, which are easily accessed on page 9 of your child’s diary.

  • It is expected that during the school week, Stage 4 students will complete 20 minutes of reading + 1-1.5 hours of homework and revision.
  • Stage 5 students should complete 30 minutes of wide reading + 1.5-2 hours of homework and revision.
  • Stage 6 students should be completing at least 3 hours minimum, 5 nights per week.

Parents are asked to provide written notification in the student diary when homework cannot be completed.

Study Success

This infographic provides a simple formula for study success.

Mobile Phones

A reminder that mobile phones are not to be used by students during school hours without teacher permission. Should you need to get a message to your child, please contact Mrs Atack in the office. Please don’t place your child in a situation where they need to receive a consequence for failing to comply with school rules.Students know that if they need to use their mobile phone, they must seek permission from a teacher.

Back into learning

Book Week is almost here!Yay!

Totally absorbed in Science.

Senior students love their new learning space.

Christian Studies Design Brief: Create a wedding outfit. Fun!Fun!Fun!


Singleton Primary Schools Netball gala day - Friday 17th August

Book Fair - Week 4

Book Week Dress Up Parade - Thursday 23rd August from 9am

Junior School Assembly & Grandparents Morning - Friday 24th August

College Assembly - Friday 31st August

Father’s Day Bonfire - Friday August 31st

Parent Teacher Interviews - Wednesday 5th September

Jump Rope for Heart Jump Off Day - Thursday 6th September

Junior School Assembly - Friday 7th September

Primary Zone Basketball Gala day - Thursday 20th September

MADD Night - Thursday 20th September 6pm-7:30pm

Junior School Assembly - Friday 21st September

Senior School Camps - Wednesday 26th September - Friday 28th September


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