A message for fathers

In this edition of the newsletter we celebrate another spectacular Book Week. What a joy it is to see our students engaging with and celebrating the habit of reading. I would like to again acknowledge Mrs Meredith and Mrs Fredericks for all the time, effort and passion you each put into creating such a wonderful series of events for our children to engage in.

It was disappointing to cancel our 2018 Father’s Day Bonfire recently…..but hey, it was great to have decent rain. Father’s and men of significance are so important to the health and well-being of children.

I was recently reading an article titled Children’s wellbeing goes hand in hand with their dads’ mental health. You can read the article here 

The article states:

“Fathers' mental health and the quality of their co-parenting relationships have a powerful impact on child development. Evidence shows fathers who are sensitive and supportive have children who develop better social skills and language, regardless of socioeconomic status, race and ethnicity.”

A couple of points to reflect on:

  1. As a father - this is a great challenge with significant accountability. Logic and evidence tells me that my mental health directly impacts that of my child.
  2. As a parent - the level of support that I show and provide my wife through sharing everyday parenting responsibilities directly impacts child outcomes. Co-parenting well is important.

The wellbeing of your child is critically important, that is why we have mantra of ‘what is best for the child?’ that guides our teaching and learning. This mantra also guides our relationships and connection with families.

To the fathers - we love having your involvement in school life.

The Australian Government has produced the Raising Children website which is packed full of useful resources to assist parents in raising their children. I encourage fathers to check it out and read an article or two.

On a final note, we will be holding an alternative post-Father’s Day event towards the beginning of Term 4 to make up for missing out on the bonfire. We will send information about this over the next few weeks.

Tim Shields


[email protected] 

Memory Verse

Let the morning bring me word of your unfailing love,
for I have put my trust in you.
Show me the way I should go,
for to you I entrust my life.
Psalm 143:8

Book Week Buzz!

We all had such a fun Book Week with many students finding books to treasure at the Book Fair.

We enjoyed quizzes and competitions, played pirate ring toss and went on a treasure hunt. Pass the parcel was a hit again this year and Senior School students presented a number of items that captivated the audience and role modelled how much fun reading is. Thanks to Riley (Year 1), Mr Shields received his Book Week pirate name - Captain Squeamish Rattlebones.

We are very grateful to our two new friends, Khalen and Anna, from Lone Pine Barracks, who came along to read us a ‘A Soldier, A Dog and a Boy’. Not only did we have a soldier reading us a book about a soldier, we even received a letter from the author, Libby Hathorn, wishing us a Happy Book Week and explaining the background to her powerful picture book.

This year’s dress-up parade was spectacular! Nobody could believe their eyes when Sir Lancelot (aka Mr Shields) arrived on his trusty steed!

It seemed that many of the book characters that we have grown to love and cherish had stepped out of their books and into our auditorium. There is no doubt that this year’s dress-up parade was truly amazing!  It will certainly be hard to beat in 2019. Thank you to the judges, Mrs Knight, Mrs Fredericks and our School Captain, Olivia, who had a very difficult job indeed.

Thank you to students, parents, grandparents, friends and staff for making Book Week such a marvellous event.

Mrs. Meredith

Mrs. Allinson brought along an extra special book. She searched high and low to find a first edition of ‘The Big Fisherman’ from which her parents chose her name - Fara.  We are so glad you found your treasure and shared it with us!

Bookaneer Book Fair

Thank you so much Mrs Fredericks for the many hours you spent organising and preparing for this year’s Book Fair and for all the work you put into running the Scholastic Book Club. We appreciate you enormously!  Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

P.S. We love this photo of Axle and Riley reading a treasure they found at the Book Fair.  Who doesn’t love ‘Pig the Grub’?!

Scholastic Book Club

The Australian government conducted a landmark reading study in 2015 which outlines 3 main factors in having a child read successfully throughout their life. These are how often a child is read to, a child’s knowledge of their reading level and how much they enjoy reading.

Selecting their own book is a great way for a child to enjoy reading. The scholastic book fair not only fundraises for the school but it gives the children a chance to get excited about books and choose their own.

This year saw our most successful book fair yet with $532 raised directly for the school as well as many more books bought directly for the school. Thank you again to the ACC community for your generosity.

Finally, I would like to let you all know that I intend to vacate the book club and book fair position at the end of this year. It is time for someone with fresh ideas and passion for reading to take over. If you are interested, please see Mrs Atack.

Sophie Fredericks

While we’re on the subject of books and reading...please, please, read to your children!

Did you know that a recent study found that more than one-third of Australian children aged six to eleven whose parents had stopped reading to them wanted it to continue?

Research has typically found that shared reading experiences are highly beneficial for young people. Benefits of shared reading include facilitating enriched language exposure, fostering the development of listening skills, spelling, reading comprehension and vocabulary. It also establishes important foundational literacy skills.

In addition, reading aloud to your child can enrich family ties and intimacy…and it fosters a positive attitude toward reading that lasts a lifetime.

Another interesting study by the The Murdoch Children’s Research Institute in Melbourne recently published data that concluded that children who are read to by their fathers at age two achieved better language development at age four.  

Parents play such a crucial role in promoting a love of reading!

We encourage all parents to read aloud to their children. Even teenagers love to be read to!

Grandparents’ Day

Grandparents’ Day was a wonderful morning.  It was filled with activities showcasing our students and their learning.  We had each class present an item ranging from poems and heartwarming stories to songs and grandad jokes. We also auctioned off our baby chicks with all 16 cute chicks going to their forever homes. After our auction we headed outside to our bookwalk. As we walked around the oval we visited each story station and completed a fun activity. Recess with our grandparents was a highlight - lots of yummy scones and conversations shared. We loved all our Grandparents visiting.  Make sure you come again next year!!!

The Book Walk was a great success. Our Senior School helpers added to the fun.

Who knew that Mr Shields was such a fantastic auctioneer?  

Fathers’ Day Stall

We believe it is important to celebrate and honour the love and dedication of fathers, stepfathers, guardians, fathers-in-law, uncles, grandfathers and other significant men and to thank them for being such wonderful teachers, carers, friends and role models to our students.

Although the much-needed rain signalled the cancellation of our bonfire and barbeque, we hope that all our dads had a wonderful Fathers’ Day and felt the warmth of those whose lives are impacted in such a positive way by your love.

Junior School students thoughtfully chose gifts for their dads from the Fathers’ Day stall.

A big THANK YOU to Karen Inall for organising and running our Fathers’ Day stall.  We so appreciate you.

New Students

Welcome Cody to Year 2 and Indi to Year 1. We are so happy you are here!


Thank you to those parents who were able to attend Parent/Teacher evening. We greatly value every opportunity to share the achievements of students. Students thrive when parents and teachers work together.

Sneak Peak!

How beautiful is this Engagement photo of Miss Moore and her fiance, Brendon Solomons!!

Zone Athletics

Well done to all the students who represented the school with pride at both the Primary and Secondary Zone Athletics Carnivals in Week 2 this term. We had a large number of students qualify this year and a number of excellent results recorded on the day, including coming 3rd overall in the Challenge Cup. Well done!

Off to State!

Congratulations to Tyrone, Joel and Darcey who represented the College so well at the CSSA State Athletics Carnival. We had some fantastic results with Joel and Darcey coming 4th and Tyrone coming 6th in multiple events. Well done!


We respectfully ask parents NOT to make their way to classrooms or into the playground without first visiting the College Office. For safety reasons, we cannot have parents or visitors wandering around the school without first signing in at the Office and receiving a visitor’s lanyard. This lanyard shows teachers that proper procedures have been followed. We take safety issues very seriously.

Our staff value strong connections between school and home. If you wish to speak to your child’s teacher, please don’t hesitate to make an appointment. This can easily be done via our friendly Office staff or by emailing your child’s teacher to arrange a suitable time. Thank you for helping us to ensure the safety of all students and staff at ACC.

News from Josie in PNG

Josie’s life in Papua New Guinea is very different from life in Australia. In addition to completing her studies she works with people in the community.  Here is a short update from Josie:

I thought you might like to know that I work with my Mum in the medical clinic three afternoons a week. Not many massive medical emergencies yet thank goodness!!

We do have a very pregnant mum though, who should be giving birth to her 9th baby in about 2 months maybe. Not so sure as to when her due date is because she won’t let us measure her stomach and do the checks needed. But since it is her 9th child she’s probably used to handling it on her own. A lot of the woman here don’t actually want our help with delivering babies unless something has gone wrong. After all, they have been giving birth by themselves for many generations. And to them our ‘white ways’ are very unusual and so they often don’t listen to what we have to say.

Singleton Primary Schools Netball Gala Day

Well done to the our Primary School students who represented our school at the Singleton Primary Schools Netball Gala day. You played hard but fair and showed excellent sportsmanship. Congratulations to our Senior Mixed team who finished an impressive third overall!! Thank you to our wonderful Senior School coaches and helpers who went above and beyond.

Junior School


This term Pre-Kinder students have been learning about farm animals and parent Cassi Herbert, blessed the class by bringing in some of their animals from the farm. Children liked the hands on experience with a one-month old lamb and some ducklings. They learned about what food they eat, how to care for them and enjoyed holding the animals. Imogen also dressed up in the bee keepers suit that she wears when she tends to the family’s bee hives with her grandmother. She showed her classmates honey comb and explained how she calms the bees with a smoker.


In Kindergarten, we have been learning about synonyms and antonyms. We know that synonyms are words that have the same or similar meaning to another and antonyms are words that are opposite in meaning. We are enjoying using these different words in our writing and and we know they make our stories more interesting.

Kindergarten thoroughly enjoyed the experience of having the chickens in the classroom. We were able to watch some of the chickens hatch from their eggs and it was a very exciting time. We were able to observe the chickens everyday and see them change and grow. We wrote everyday in our Chicken Diaries about the changes were saw, the running tally of chickens as they hatched and  some interesting facts about chickens.

Did you know that chickens remember people’s faces and they can fly for a record 13 seconds!!!!

Year 1

This term in Literacy, Year 1 are learning about different types of communication and how communication can be verbal or nonverbal. We learnt that people who are blind use Braille to help them communicate. We got to write our own messages to our friends by writing braille. We had to feel the raised dots and work out which letters and words were being communicated to us.

  We love helping and working with our friends in year 1.

We have also been busy learning AUSLAN which is Australian Sign Language. We learnt that people who are deaf and can’t hear speak with their hands, by making signs with their fingers for each letter. We are thankful that we have the opportunity to be able to hear and speak to our friends and family using our voices. We are having lots of fun in Year 1 this term.

Book Week fun in Year 1

We have loved being able to read the books which we got as a gift from Book week. We got a special surprise from Mrs Fredericks and Baby Benjamin when we got read “The story of The Little Mole, Who Knew It Was None Of His Business”. It is one of Mrs Frederick’s favourites.

Year 2

Students in Year 2 looked at the fascinating features of a range of owls and then chose some of these characteristics and drew their own image of an owl on black paper. Once drawn they used coloured crayons to outline and colour their owls.

Year 2 also studied artist Romero Britto and designed and a vase of flowers inspired by his work.


We love being imaginative and creative in Year 3/4. Following on from the excitement of the writing competition at the beginning of the term, we have been further developing our descriptive writing. Mrs Williams gave us a challenge. She showed us a picture and asked us to describe in great detail so that if Mrs Buettel read our descriptions, she could draw a similar picture just from our writing.

“There is the humongous tree with hanging leaves. There are spiders webs with water on them. There is a pond that is green and there is a yellow and orange sunset. There is a gate in front of the tree.” - Ella-Dee

“In the woods there was an amazing, green, glowing lake and a lovely tree with droopy leaves swaying in the wind. It had blue glowing rocks next to the lake. There was amazing bushes around the place. The tree had vines hanging off it, with Christmas lights all round it …” - Moriah

“The old, withered bench broke years ago. The old, beautiful tree has ropes of jewellery. The small pond was full of green waste. The orange majestic sunset was a once in a lifetime. The plants were green and new looking” - Lucas

“A big willow tree with hanging leaves and giant orange clouds. There was green grass and small bushes with green water in a pool with a fence around it. Vines were hanging on the tree with a colourful gate in front of the tree.” - Timothy

Year 5/6 

This term, some of our Year 5/6 students were elected to participate in the Newcastle Permanent Mathematics Competition. This competition gives students the opportunity to participate in a state level competition and when the results are tallied, students will find out their results. Well done to all students who participated. They worked hard and tried their best.

Year 5/6 were invited to watch one of the chickens hatch in the Kindergarten class. The students watched in awe as the chicken cracked through the shell and saw the world for the first time. Thank you Kindergarten for sharing this experience with us all.

Senior School

We honour Senior students for the important role they played in Book Week. Thank you to those who presented items and to our Sport Captains who helped facilitate many of the competitions. It was wonderful to see most of our Senior students dressed up for the parade. You looked fantastic! Thank you for being such wonderful reading role models to Junior School.

Under the tutelage of Mr Perry, Stage 5 created a delicious Mexican Masterchef Challenge feast for parents and special guests. The atmosphere in the cooking room was electric as students prepared a variety of taste sensations. The end results were scrumptious! Well done!

There has been great success on the sporting field so far this term with our students representing ACC so well at a range of events from athletics to netball.

We are now halfway through the term, and look forward to the many exciting events yet to come.

Best wishes,
Senior School Staff.

Senior School

Thank you so much Mr Perry for making our Book Week pirate hook toss game.

Hours of lunchtime fun ahead for students...

...and teachers!

Library Challenge

On a recent visit to Singleton Library, Mrs Meredith challenged students to find a book with ‘treasure’ on the front cover within a 20 minute time limit. Our students love a good challenge!

Lucy tried to convince us that Zac Effron is a living treasure so her book should be included in the competition, while Katie tried to convince us that this picture book was so funny it deserved ‘treasure’ status.  Nice try, girls!

We had fun making and decorating our pirate hats for Book Week. Origami is always fun!

Stage 5 Masterchef Mexican Challenge.

In the true spirit of the love of food, students in the Stage 5 Design & Technology class participated in the inaugural masterchef challenge. The class in teams selected, tested and finally presented various Mexican dishes for guests to judge. From the tasting reactions of the guests, it was a winner!

Check out some of the action from Zone Athletics!  Great action shots of Caleb and Joel.

Wonderful leadership from our Senior students during Book Week!

Design and Technology in progress.

Our new Senior Learning Centre is such a nice place to be!

Senior students used their ingenuity and collaborative skills in Enrichment to build our new goal posts.  Thank you!

Stage 5 and 6 had perfect weather for their Geography and Biology excursion.


Year 11 Final Examinations - Week 7

Netball Gala Day Senior School - Monday  10th September

Year 3 & 4 Excursion to Taronga Zoo and Year 2 Guest Speaker - Wednesday 12th September

Year 5/6 excursion to Sydney CBD - Friday September 14

Primary Basketball Zone Gala Day - Thursday 20th September

MADD - Thursday 20th September

Kindergarten excursion to Oak Vale Farm - Monday 24th September

Year 7,8,9,19 Camp - Tuesday 26th September-Friday 28th September

Year 11 Camp - Thursday 27th  – Friday 28th September

Last day of Term 3 - Friday 28th September


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