Our responses and reactions are a choice

Over the past few weeks I have had the wonderful opportunity to attend two of our school camps. I joined Year 9 and 10 on the Sydney camp and Year 5 and 6 on the Canberra camp. I have been so happy with the high level of attendance at all our 2018 camps as there are so many opportunities for growth and they have a tendency to enrich the lives of young people.

I recently watched a YouTube video that was both humorous and insightful. Acted by two men in their early 30s, the video was portrayed a series of interactions between a mother (one of the men) and her early teen son (the other man). The short video displayed scenes such as the mother asking “Johnny, it is dinner time, come to the table please” and the son responding by thrashing his arms around like he had just been bitten by a venomous snake and saying things like “it is so unfair, why are you picking on me?”

The video was humorous, and certainly a generalisation of the teenage years that does not highlight the wonderful and wondrous aspects of our young people. However, it did highlight something for me again. That is, our responses and reactions are a choice.

If we find that we are not reacting well, then it is likely we are letting our feelings dictate our responses.

If you find that your responses are often negative and assuming the worst, this can be changed! At the recent Year 5/6 Canberra Camp, we did something that helps change negative into positive. At each meal time, several students had to get up out of their seat and address the rest of the audience on two things:

  1. What they enjoyed most about the day, giving 2-3 reasons why; and,
  2. Someone they appreciated today, giving reasons why.

These simple actions have a big impact on attitude and reactions. These simple actions help us to be more grateful, appreciate other people’s unique strengths and make us happier.

I thoroughly enjoyed my trip to Canberra with Year 5 & 6, although the best part was hearing them say they appreciated other people.

Have a wonderful week ahead.

Tim Shields


Memory Verse

Ask, and it will be given to you. Search, and you will find. Knock, and the door will be opened to you. Everyone who asks will receive. The one who searches will find. The door will be opened to the one who knocks.
Matthew 7:7-8

Uniform for Term 4

We are back to our summer uniform in Term 4.  Thank you for ensuring your child is correctly attired in the correct summer uniform. Hat’s are essential and a compulsory part of our uniform.  The Junior School students should all have a slouch hat, they are not to wear caps.  Caps are only for our Senior School students. Don’t forget to ensure that your child has packed their hat each day.

Encourage a growth mindset

When we have a growth mindset, we believe that with work, practice, and perseverance, we can improve – whether it’s academic performance, or any other skill. Those with the opposite, a fixed mindset, believe that our intelligence and talents are predisposed, and either we were born with them or not. It is important for all of us to have a mindset focused on growth and resilience when we are challenged. Without a growth mindset the chances of learning new things and ‘growing’ are far less.

Our teachers continue to focus heavily on a growth mindset in the classroom and work closely with students to transform moments of fixed (‘I can’t do it!’) to an ‘I can do it!’ attitude for success.

The way parents praise their children can have a profound impact on mindset. Research shows that when we praise children for being smart, it promotes a fixed mindset; however, praising children for working hard and persisting when they find something difficult sends an important message that it is effort that leads to success. In other words, children benefit when parents encourage them to forget taking the easy route (where little learning is done) and instead embrace challenges.

Not everyone is a high achiever, but everyone can do their best and by linking effort and achievement in this way it creates the motivation for future work. As we head into final assessments and exams, it is important to keep reminding our students that we want them to be improving, and improvement comes by trying.


This year has certainly been speeding by.  Term 4 is such a short term with so much to fit in!  Junior school has assemblies on the Fridays of Weeks 2, 4 and 6.  Assemblies are a great opportunity for our students to show their public speaking and performance skills.  We have some lovely items planned this term.  

We also have our Kinder and PK orientations in Weeks 2 and 3.  These are exciting times for new students, families and teachers as we all meet each other and learn about school life.  This is an exciting time and we want the transition to be as smooth as possible for everyone.

Also a reminder about the Junior School summer uniform.  All students are required to wear a hat at all times during play and sport.  The Junior School hat is the slouch hat as they offer much better sun protection.  Students are not to wear caps.  These are for Senior School students only.  The slouch hat can be purchased online through our uniform shop.  Thank you for your assistance with this uniform requirement as it is for the protection of each student that we ask them to have a slouch hat.

Kind Regards,

Mrs Kimarie Buettel

Head of Junior School


Our themes for this term are My Garden and Christmas. Students will be participating in a variety of learning experiences around these themes that will promote the acquisition of knowledge, skills, abilities and enjoyment as they participate in school life.

In Week 2 Pre-Kinders were using play dough to strengthen and develop the muscles within their hands. Simple movements such as rolling, squashing, cutting, pulling twisting and pushing are all actions that require the movement of these muscles developing coordination, dexterity and fine muscle control. This strengthening improves pencil grip and cutting skills.


Did you know that when you eat a Sour Worm lolly that you use four out of the five senses that God has given to us? Kindergarten discovered that by eating the lolly you used your nose to smell the lolly, your eyes to choose which colour you wanted, your fingers to pick it and stretch it and your mouth to taste it with. As Kindergarten continue to learn about different materials, they have realised that they need all of their different senses to appreciate the natural and man-made materials that we find all around us.

Year 1

Year 1 has a big term ahead, and we are shocked at how quickly this term is already going. In Geography, we are looking at the History of the community around us and how life has changed over 100 years. During Science we are looking at mixtures and what happens to materials when they are mixed together. In Health we are looking forward to “Being Healthy”. We are excited to learn about how to keep our bodies happy and healthy. We are looking forward to revising what we have learned this year, and preparing ourselves for Year 2!

Year 2

We are so excited to be back this term. Although it is a short term, we have some awesome things planned. Just to name a few...

In Geography, we are learning about how Australia is connected to other places in the world. In Science we will be looking at the topic, ‘Products’. Throughout this unit students will explore a range of products in their local environment, identifying their purposes and discussing whether this has an impact on the overall design. As products are viewed, their strengths and limitations will be investigated.

In Literacy we will be studying persuasion, procedures and poetry. This is a great unit and we are looking forward to seeing the showing us their wonderful writing skills.

As this is such a short and busy term, we will not be having any class excursions this term. The only excursion will be the activity day at the end of the school year as well as swim school. More on this later in the term.

Just a note to say as well, that we will be having fruit break during devotions in the morning before Spelling Mastery from Week 1 onwards this term. Every child is encouraged to bring along a piece of fruit to eat. If your child is bringing an apple or an orange, please cut the fruit for them so that it is much easier for them to eat.

We would also encourage students to bring extra water to school as the weather begins to warm up.

Once again, we are looking forward to a very positive and productive Term 4.

Year 3/4

Sustainability is our theme for Term 4.  We are learning how to care for our earth, our resources and our bodies through healthy eating.  Our table groups are the renewable resources of Sun, Wind, Water and Geothermals.  We are also reading informative texts that focus on sustainability for water, energy, building and resources. So far our new and interesting words include desalination, sludge, erosion, purification and hydraulic.

We are also going to put together a whole class art work that includes us!  Here is a sneak peek at some of our photos that will be part of our art work.

Year 5/6

Canberra Camp

Last week Year 5/6 went on a school camp to Canberra. We went for 4 days, each day was very busy but was also something new and exciting. Canberra was a great experience, my highlights were definitely Questacon, The Australian War Memorial and the Australian institute of Sport. I loved Questacon because we were able to be involved in the activities not just watch, also there was a giant slide. The slide went straight down and then curved. We had to hold onto a metal pole then let go and drop it was nerve wracking but when I did I felt a sense of accomplishment. The Australian War Memorial made me and many other kids feel extremely sad. Hearing the stories of survivors, the devastation of families who lost someone and the people in the areas of war made me and most of the class realise how lucky we are and how our freedom came at a huge cost and I am very grateful to have gone. At the AIS we had heaps of fun playing hockey, futsal and newcombe ball. We were able to see some uniforms of the Australian athletes who went to the Olympics and learn heaps of new skills. One of my other favourite parts of camp was sitting down before dinner and hearing what other peoples favourite parts of the day was. After dinner one night we played two truths and a lie and I think we all found Mr Shields’ stories very amusing. Going to Canberra was a great experience and it was a great way to start Term 4. By Eliza Wellard

Junior School Sport

Junior School are learning to dance this term with the Macarena being the dance of the week.   We also have a Cricket Gala day on Friday of Week 5.  This is a wonderful opportunity for our older Junior School students to play representative sport for our College. Students have started training and practicing during lunch time so we wish them well.    

Senior School

A warm welcome back to Term 4 and the race to the finish line for the 2017 academic year. The term promises to be a busy one as we consolidate and extend our students’ learning. High expectations are the foundation of our successful learning culture here at ACC. While every student is at a different point on their learning journey and possesses a unique set of gifts, every student can strive to be the best that they can be. We look forward to seeing many personal bests over the next eight weeks.

Best wishes,

Senior School Staff

Touch Football Gala Day

Well done to our students who represented the school so well at the annual Zone Touch Football Gala day. The students played their hearts out in the hot sun and improved over the day, culminating with a win in their last game.

New Students

This term we welcome Toni to year 12 and Adelle and Ava to Year 4. We are so happy to have you with us at ACC.

Year 12!

How wonderful to greet our first Year 12 cohort on Day 1 of Term 4! We are confident that with a positive attitude and lots of hard work you will achieve your goals. We are privileged to be part of your journey.

Year 12 English

Like tens of thousands of other Year 12 students across NSW, ours are currently studying the Common Module: Texts and Human Experiences. It was lovely to see the surprise on students’ faces when they received their ‘How to Survive Being Human’ bag of goodies which included a highlighter (so they can always highlight the positives), an eraser (to know it’s okay to make mistakes); a pen (the only weapon they will need), a teabag (to remember they deserve a break once in a while), a marble (just in case they feel as though they are losing theirs at times), chocolate (because...well, because it’s chocolate) and most importantly a reminder from Philippians 4:13 that “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

Morning Routine

Senior School Morning Routine is an important part of our weekly timetable. The fast pace means that students have to work hard, stay focused and stretch themselves. We aim for an 80% understanding of the content or skill before we move on to a new concept. We also spend time reviewing key learning for the lesson. In last week’s Literacy Morning Routine, our focus was on mythological allusions. We also reviewed our word of the week (perspicacious) and introduced the new word (flummoxed).  Mr Perry and Mr Metz kindly modelled the meaning of ‘flummoxed’.

Senior School Snaps!


Whole-school Assemblies - Week 3 and 5 only

K-2 Learn to Swim - Week 6

Examinations Senior School - Week 6

Primary Cricket Gala Day - Friday 16 November

Presentation Day & Final Day of 2018 - Thursday 6th December.  Assembly commencing 9:30am.


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