Getting to the heart of things

The freedom to express one’s own faith privately and publicly has been a hot topic of discussion and debate in our country over the past months. As I observe commentators on this topic express their opinions I am disappointed with the vitriol and venomous attacks made towards another person who holds different values or opinions.

As a faith-based and independent school, we are very grateful that successive federal governments, regardless of their political persuasion, recognise the central importance our faith plays in our teaching and learning programs. We are also grateful for local communities who, largely, acknowledge, value and support the work of Christian schools in local communities.

As educators who happen to be Christians, our responsibility is always to teach and love your children as best we can. In addition to that we encourage them to be open to learn about the character and nature of God. This simply means that we want them to learn what God is like and what his greatest desire is.

I really like the way this is expressed in Isaiah 43:25.

“But I, yes I, am the one who takes care of your sins - that’s what I do. I don’t keep a list of your sins.”
Isaiah 43:25

The Message version

You know that sin is really about separation from God. It is so comforting to know that, at the heart, God is about reuniting us with him. Being restored to a real and life-giving relationship with God is readily available. All we need to do is thank him for sending Jesus to remove the separation between us and God. He did this by dying on the cross. Jesus did not remain dead, he rose from the grave and defeated death. This means that when we put our trust in Jesus, death and shame in our own lives is defeated also.

If you ever have questions or clarifications about faith in Jesus, please feel very comfortable to speak with me, our Chaplain or any of our staff. They would all be happy to share about their own relationship with Jesus.

In closing, I trust you enjoy this newsletter. There are numerous events celebrated within and information about upcoming events on the final page. Have a wonderful day.  

Tim Shields


[email protected] 

Singleton Arts and Music Society (SAMS) donation to ACC

We were delighted to receive a generous donation from SAMS. This donation will assist us in purchasing much needed new keyboards and headphones to support our Music program. We enjoyed hosting Peter and Geoff, from SAMS, at our College Assembly where they handed over the cheque. Our students, parents and teachers are very appreciative.

Junior School

Junior School are well and truly engaged in school life.  So far this term we have had a whole lot of colourful fun at the Cross Country and Colour Run. We have enjoyed a picnic lunch with our mums and then loved pampering them at our Mother’s Day Pamper Afternoon. We are also well on our way into planning for our Term 3 MADD Night as our auditions have begun.  There are over 20 acts vying for a chance to perform on the night.  We are very excited by our students enthusiasm in preparing and practicing for their auditions. The Year 5/6 class have attended the theatre in Newcastle and the Art Gallery and Year 1 will be heading off to the Hunter Wetlands after the long weekend.  This is all in addition to all our learning which is happening in our classrooms everyday.  

In Week 2 all ACC Singleton teachers attended a professional learning day held on our site. We also had another 20 teachers from around our region attend the day.  The professional learning was incredibly beneficial for our school and as a staff we are now setting goals for our teaching in our classrooms and planning for other staff to observe and give feedback.  We see this as essential for our improvement of practice so that we are able to provide your children with invaluable learning opportunities.

At the end of term 1, I sent an email outlining winter uniform requirements for term 2.

I would like to thank you all for your support in ensuring your children are wearing the appropriate uniform.  We have had some minor delays with some orders but overall students are looking very smart and wearing their uniform with pride. If you still have any questions please refer to the uniform guide or ask at the front office.

Athletics Carnival is on Thursday Week 6. This is such a fun day and we look forward to seeing you there if you can make it.

Kind Regards,

Kimarie Buettel

Head of Junior School

Mother’s Day Picnic and Pamper Day

We had a great day honouring our Mothers, Grandmothers and Carers with our Picnic and Pamper Day.

Thank you to all our Teachers for organising a fun and engaging afternoon for the students and Mothers and creating special activities they could do together.

Cross Country and Color Run

Both the Cross Country Carnival and the Color Run were a huge success with all students (and Teachers) getting involved and giving their best on the day. A HUGE thank you to all those students who raised money for our school and for engaging in each part of the day with such a fun attitude.

If you have collected money for the Color Run, could you please hand it into the College Office.

Year 5 / 6 Excursion to Newcastle

Year 5/6 had a fun day out in Newcastle, taking in a performance at the Civic Theatre of Gooki Doori followed by lunch in the sun and a guided tour of the Virginia Cuppaidge - The Nature of Abstraction exhibit at the Newcastle Art Gallery.

Athletics Carnival

Our Annual Athletics Carnival was a very successful day, with students, teachers and parents getting involved. It was great to see lots of smiles and encouragement from students cheering on their peers.

Thank you to those parents who were able to volunteer for the day, and help the day run smoothly.

Senior School

It has been another busy few weeks in Senior School. Stage 4 and 5 continue to engage in a variety of educational activities, including the recent Mine Excursion. These expeditions are positively exposing our students to the diverse range of opportunities that await them post school.

In Term 3 we will be hosting two key events for new students to the Senior School - the Year 11 Subject information night on 1st August at 6pm and Year 7 Transition day (date tbc). Please feel free to let family and friends know of both these events.

The first year of Senior School is a step up for most primary students. They are required to be more independent and proactive in their learning.The Year 7 Transition day will begin the process to ensure that this is as smooth a transition as possible for parents and students. Similarly, students starting Year 11 next year will be entering their final stage of secondary education. Our Year 11 Subject Information Night will be a pivotal session for students to attend as they make careful choices around the subjects they will study for their Preliminary and HSC course.

On that note, it is always exciting to comment on the progress of our first Year 12. With Trial HSC exams coming up as well as a number of final assessments, our Seniors are well into the final stages of their academic courses. In order to meet their increasing study demands, Year 12 attended a HSC Seminar day on May 31st. The HSC Seminar Day involves more than 500 year 11 and year 12 students from over 30 schools. Over 40 experienced teachers and experts from across the state attend, providing students with the latest developments in HSC content and exam techniques for  variety of courses. From all accounts it was a very productive and valuable day. Thank you Mrs Billingham for organising and attending the day with our students. I would ask you keep Year 12 in your prayers as they complete their final chapters at ACC.

Senior School is a dynamic environment. Our commitment to teaching, learning and excellence  is evident each day. We are constantly looking for new opportunities for our students to thrive and experience purposeful learning.

Former President of India A. P. J Abdul Kalam stated, "Excellence is a continuous process and not an accident”.

As we near the halfway mark for 2019, it is my aspiration that Senior School will only continue to excel in a purposeful and productive manner.

Kind Regards,

Katie Kelly

Head of Senior School

Hunter Mining Tour

Year 7-10 students took part in a highly engaging Mining Tour at one of Glencore’s largest mines. The tour was thoroughly informative with a particular focus on the regeneration process at the completion of mining. Students were taken to a regeneration site where the detailed steps were explained - the transformation is remarkable.

Thank you to NSW Mining and the Upper Hunter Mining Dialogue for facilitating our visit.  

Shake & Stir Visit Senior School

Senior School students were enthralled by Shake and Stir’s fantastic performance of ‘Nineteen Eighty-Four’.  From the moment they entered the auditorium they knew they were in a different world…dark, dreary, threatening…but compelling!

It is rare to find performances that resonate with all year groups, but this one certainly did. Themes such as identity, the importance of language, memory and the past, power and control made it relevant for all ages.We think George Orwell would have loved this adaptation.  

2019 HSC Seminar Day

On the 31st of May, Year 12 students had the opportunity to learn from over 40 experienced teachers and experts from across the state. These teachers and experts provided our students with the latest developments in HSC content and exam techniques. Experts included educational consultants, Senior HSC Markers, HSC Markers, university lecturers and Board of Studies staff.

Our students were able to visit different workshops around varying locations in Singleton, each of which addressed either an HSC subject or post-school path (university or TAFE). This was a wonderful opportunity to ask questions, seek advice and clarify common HSC myths. We are thankful for the opportunity to learn from the best HSC minds in NSW!

Ensuring our young drivers are safe drivers

In high school, we have a number of students that have gained their Drivers License and whilst this is an exciting time for those students, it can be a nerve wracking time for parents.

Some parents may find the following course valuable, even though your child may already have their license.

The Safer Drivers Course is carefully tailored for young learners. This two-module course is packed with information about the risks that come with driving and how to mitigate them.

The things students learn from this class will be immediately useful in everyday situations. They won’t learn how to operate a motor vehicle here, this course is all about being able to immediately recognise a safety-compromising situation and minimise the risk to their personal safety on the road.

At the end of this course, students will learn to:

  • Recognise how driver behaviour can increase the risk of a crash
  • Lower the risks of these behaviours
  • Resist the impacts of peer influence, passenger behaviour and other every day distractions
  • Build and implement strategies to combat typical lifestyle pressures and high-risk behaviour
  • Practice these new habits every day so they become tools for a lifetime of driving

We run courses in Singleton, Cessnock and Muswellbrook.

If you would like further information on the course, please contact Safer Driver directly.

Safer Drivers Course

Mobile: 0416 161 024

Email: [email protected]

Important reminders

Discussions with teachers at Afternoon Pickup - if you would like to discuss with the teacher any matters relating to your child please make arrangements to book a time. You can do this directly with them via email or via the College Office. The priority of teachers at the end of the school day is the safe dismissal of every child in their care.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Years 5-12 - all Year 7-12 students must bring their MacBook to school each day charged and ready for use.

Students in Years 5-6 are transitioning to full BYOD model in 2020. This year, a device is optional and is best used in discussion with Mrs Thurlow.

Uniforms - open Wednesday before and after school

We are excited to announce the Uniform Room will now be open before and after school on Wednesdays to allow students to try on uniforms prior to ordering. All uniforms are ordered online through the Uniform Shop and we highly recommend trying on uniforms for sizing (especially the winter sports tracksuits) to ensure the correct sizing.

If you have any questions or would like to book a fitting in the Uniform Room please contact the College Office on 6572 6600.


Term 2: 29th April - 5th July (10 weeks)

Junior School Assemblies - 21st June (Yr 1)

Whole-school Assemblies - Friday 28th June at 9am (Coffee available)

Public Holiday - Monday 10th June

Year 1 Hunter Wetlands excursion - Tuesday 11th June

Year 7-10 Exams - Tuesday 11th till Friday 14th June

School Photos - Thursday 13th June

Year 7 & 8 Museum visit at Macquarie University - Tuesday 18th June

Term 3: Monday 29th July till Friday 27th September (9 weeks)

Year 11 2020 Information Night - Thursday 1st August at 6pm

Book Week Parade - Tuesday 20th August

MADD Night - Thursday 12th September

Year 12 Graduation Dinner - Thursday 19th September

Year 12 Graduation Assembly - Friday 27th September

Term 4: Monday 14th October till Thursday 5th December (8 weeks)

Grandparents Morning - Friday 18th October

Annual Presentation Day Assembly - Thursday 5th December


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