Teacher teaching art to class

Before proceeding further, you might like to know what it’s like to work at this school. So, here goes…

Teachers are accountable for results

Our teachers are accountable for student learning. No blaming the lack of resources, or “the system”, or parents, or the students. Great teachers use what they have to achieve amazing results. How do they achieve these results for the students? Keep reading…

Students come first

The care and success of the students is our top priority. Every decision is made with the student’s best interests at heart. We understand that if the students are flourishing, then the school will too.

Teachers are continually improving

A new generation of students requires new ways to inspire and engage. Every teacher is empowered and encouraged to deliver the best lessons possible. What this means is that we don’t recycle the same lesson plan every year. After all, what was awesome this year probably won’t be next year.

Christian love abounds

As a genuine outpouring of our Christian faith, the teachers love and respect one another. This level of support is rare in the workplace. Teachers who have joined our school with many years of experience have commented on how refreshing it is to work in an environment where staff are not interested in school politics.

Words that define our teachers…

Compassionate. Dedicated. Hopeful. Steadfast. Loving. Fun. Professional. Humble. Approachable. Generally all-out fabulous (hey, what happened to humble?).

Interested in joining the team? Any current positions vacant will be listed below. Regardless, you are more than welcome to submit your resume to [email protected]


Primary Coordinator 2018

We are seeking an accomplished educator and leader for the role of Primary Coordinator. The successful candidate will embrace the opportunity to lead a strong team of teachers, inspire students in their learning, and work closely with the Principal to influence the future growth and direction of the primary school.

In the application, candidates should:

  • Provide evidence of success in leading and inspiring teams
  • Display strong interpersonal and communication skills
  • Provide evidence of outstanding teaching skills
  • Provide evidence of a deep understanding of the explicit teaching model and NESA curriculum requirements
  • Be committed to the improvement of each teacher in the team through lesson observations and feedback through coaching
  • Outline how they have contributed to the professional learning and development of teachers
  • Demonstrate strong administrative skills, with a high level of flexibility and adaptability
  • Demonstrate experience in analysing student learning data and devising strategies to improve teaching and learning

Applications and supporting documentation should be submitted via the form below.
This position will be a teaching position with release time.

Applications for this position will close on Friday 11th August 2017.

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