Early Learning Options
We have three options for your child before they reach school age. You can choose to attend the on-site daycare centre which is run by a local child care provider. This option is great for busy mums who need to get back into the workforce as quickly as possible. Because the facility is located on the school campus it’s so easy to drop your toddler off to the daycare centre and your children to our school.

The school also operates a Pre-Kinder program. Pre-Kinder operates during school terms on a Thursday and Friday. Your child must be old enough to commence Kindergarten the following year to be eligible to attend Pre-Kinder. Learn more here.

As your child gets closer to school age, we run a Ready for School Program which operates for two days during the school term. This program introduces your child to key learning concepts and it also familiarises them with routines and typical school life. Students in our Ready for School Program also have the ability to start their first day of “big school” with friends that they already know from this program.

Learning Program
Our primary years program creates a really special environment for your child. We have already talked about our focus on getting the basics right and 21st-century learning.

In addition to these key elements in our learning program we also believe that our Christian education introduces your student to big ideas about character and life that will help them to be someone who contributes to the local community and someone who cares about their family.

3 standing Boys together on campusWe study all of the same subjects that you would find in any school including Maths, English, Science, Technology, HSIE, PDHPE, and the Arts. Our students have the benefit of being taught by a specialist teacher in the areas of Science and Technology. This is a part of our broader vision for a STEM education.

At “The Base” we create a learning environment where students are challenged according to their ability level not just based on how old they are or what grade they are in.

Excursions & Other Opportunities
Our students take part in one of three major excursions depending on their age and level. We have a day trip to Newcastle and a day trip to Sydney. At the end of Primary school, students are invited to go on a multi-day excursion to Canberra.

We have lots of little highlights during the school year including visits from the NSW Police and RFS (the fire truck is an annual favourite) and visits to local attractions.

Students also participate in our weekly chapel service. Some like the microphone more than others but we find it important for our students to develop their public speaking and presenting skills.